Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Politics of Open Mics in New York City

So, Yes, I have been slacking in the posting department. I know you all are so very expectant of what I've been doing over the past week/weekend--teeming with anticipation! And I'll have you know that I've been doing NOTHING, absolute zero-- as it relates to comedy.

...I don't want the money, I just want the stagetime...

I have been investigating getting a portable PA system to perform in the streets/subway, to up my comedy ante. Although, I heard you need to have a Tax ID # in order to perform underground or publicly for that matter. I don't want the money. I just want the stagetime!

Let me explain why I've come to this conclusion. I need to be onstage more, less to do with joke telling, and more to do with having a mic in my hand and speaking into it. Really, I just need to get comfortable walking and talking, formally!

These open mics cost money, which I'm not sure I've mentioned before. But I will do so now. Let's get behind the 'Politics of Open mics in NYC': Owners and GMs (general managers) are hip to the scene. They know these scrap comics are bad at what they do, but are desperate enough to perform anywhere. There's a joke about setting up a mic stand in an alley, and comics will flock (without any advertising.)

Let me tell you who's not doing a great job in advertising department: The Comedy Clubs. Well, maybe that's a bit farfetched. But the Comedy Boom of the 90s is long gone. Where's the next Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, or Dave Chappelle? (I think Dave Chappelle was an aberration/fluke. Comedy was dying and he gave it its last few breaths. He and John Mayer.) So comedy in general has been in a bear market, and hence comedy club owners feel they charge for open mics. Open mics are now at least $5 - $7 or a one to two drink minimum. I'm not a miser. I know these venues (comedy clubs, restaurants, etc.) need to remain afloat as a business. So why not take it out on some wanna-be comic, who's got nothing better to do with his money/time? Good rationale. But this "pay for stagetime" thing has only been a recent occurrence--within the last 2 - 4 years.

So I've decided to "take it to the streets." I'll let you know how this progresses. I'll try and record the audio. I have no idea how I'm going to do that. But where there's a will there's a way!

Law school stuff has been dominating the agenda, and much to my surprise it's actually fun to do. Yes, I said it. LSAT review is actually FUN! I know, I know. I shouldn't be writing that. But my mind is one that likes to take apart puzzles and figure out crazy clues and put them back together again.

And I'll have you know, lawyers and standup comedians have a lot in common. The assembling of an argument and the assembling of a joke is quite the same. There's a beat to it--a rhythm, if you will. Logic is well-represented in both media.

Cool occurrences in the past week:

I FINALLY got to see Demetri Martin perform at ITU last Wednesday. Super cool. I literally swooned. I didn't know swooning was something that occurred outside of cheesy 50s movies. (*In the voice of a high school teenager with heart throb-itis*) "He's so witty and so smart!"

Anyway, it's something I've been waiting to see for awhile--his standup set. It's the first time live since 2005! (I didn't mean for that to rhyme.) Anyway, it was well worth the wait!

I also saw Mr. Dave Attell hanging out yesterday. He wasn't actually hanging out. He was probably making some very important phone call to his manager. I happened to see him and wave hello. He sort of did the "I-have-no-idea-who-you-are" grimacing smile. But I couldn't resist! It was cool. I feel like all these random sightings are a sign that I should keep going and simultaneously, like I'm being invited into a cool community.

~ Lucy


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroine - Sarah Silverman (sort of)

So Sarah... hmmm, what should I say about her?

My opinion. I think she knows herself and I believe it shows on stage.

The story behind her career: She wrote for SNL at 23-24 yrs old. She dated Dave Attell at the time.

Her popularity blew up with the whole Late Night with Conan O'Brien-Guy Aoki-(MANAA) debacle. (See wiki link down below)

Obviously, she hosts her own TV show, The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central.

...what she does is for shock value...

I respect what she does. And her humor/comedy does open the door for brazen comedienne's like myself. But I feel what she does is for shock value, borne out of an incident gone horribly right (or wrong, depending on how you want to see it.) I feel she is a lot like Howard Stern when Stern first hit D.C. radio--shock jock galore!

I, on the other hand, have an agenda. I want to make people THINK. I want to make people squirm in their seats while at the same time reevaluating their actions. I want people to leave the venue after seeing me and talk about it for days, weeks, months.

But Sarah has paved the way. It unusual to see a pretty chick on stage be funny or make fun of herself. There's been a rumor that has traveled throughout comedy that you can't be pretty and funny at the same time. That's why I here to prove "them" wrong (whomever "they" are).

More on this later...

~ Lucy

[Sarah Silverman Program | Wikipedia |My Space | Jesus Is Magic]

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Hero - Ricky Gervais

...He knows to quit when the quittin's good...

So I admit it. I have a thing for Ricky Gervais. Maybe because his last name attributes to his Anglo-Saxon heritage. Maybe because he is a comic genius, especially when it comes to content and timing.

He's awesome. And I needed to write that.

His TV show credits:
The Office (UK)
The Office (US)
Extras (awesome on both sides of the pond)

And he has a sort of "indie rocker" motif to his creating. He knows to quit when the quittin's good. Don't drag out a show to the Nth degree just because some TV exec wants to keep the checks rollin' in.

I want to say more about him, but I'm at a loss. He's just fabulous! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Perhaps, I'll think of something more and update the post!

~ Lucy

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Monday, May 21, 2007

My rant on... "Attractiveness as it relates to me"

I got to see Greg Fitzsimmons, Louis CK, and Dave Attell perform all in one night in a really intimate venue.

Too good to be true? Well, it is. The night couldn't have gone any smoother, until I had to open my big fat self-righteous mouth. What happened? your looks...

I insulted the host, par accident. (Cocky son-of-a...!)

The conversation went a little something like this:

- Host: Love your looks.

- Me: And? And what? Now you want my number? ( what I wanted to say.)

Instead, I buckled and said, "Do you work here?"

"I'm the host," he responds.

One for me. Zero for Cocky Bastard.

Listen, for all those who haven't met me, I know I'm attractive. You don't have to remind me. And I promise you, I'm not vain or self-absorbed about my looks in anyway. I'm actually a very humble and God-fearing person. And if anything I downplay my looks so as not to be in limelight all the time. I would much rather be in the background. Back in the day, I was an expert wallflower.

For some strange reason, it seems that in order to be attractive to a man in NYC, all you need to have are two legs and a crevice. Trust me. You don't have to remind me that I'm attractive. Each and everyday I try to forget, but some a$$hole has to say something stupid to bring it to my attention---something typically male and condescending. It's usually black men, specifically New York men. (I don't get this in Chicago or L.A.)

Get ready for my rant:

"Don't step to me like I'm supposed to know you, or that we have some relationship that exists only in your head. Speak to me like you would approach any other person. I'm not some ghetto-fab girl or some enamored teenager that you can just talk to like a smitten groupie. I can and will care less."

Whew! There. Done. Glad I got that out of my system.

I must day that it's different. It's drastically different being an attractive girl who has no means to capitalize on her looks. To me, someone else mentioning my looks is a constant affront--even when girls do it. Girls are also sizing you up because we're "competition." Are you kidding? Like I'm going to compete the with the vapid airhead, who carries kneepads in her purse for "special occasions." I forfeit. She wins.

Actually, I would almost be happy with you mentioning how unattractive I am. Not because I would take any more interest in what you have to say next, but because I know it doesn't matter to me what I look like to you.

To be honest, I would rather you mention anything else but my looks. Let me get on my soapbox, for bit: (I mean, that's why you came to this blog, right?)

There are some girls who love, love, LOOOOVE to be worshiped for their looks and body. Especially, if they can squeeze their size 10 body into their size 4 jeans and get praised for it by taxi cab drivers and constructions workers. Good! Great! Thank God for them! More power to them! Because I know I don't want that kind of attention. I want it to be deflected onto them.

Back to the comedy show:
So in four words I ended up insulting the host. I'm glad he knows enough to keep away. I can't stand men like that.

Honestly, if you're reading this and you're male, take a hint--get a clue!

There are some women that fiend for that kind of attention, and they dress the part--slutty. Take a clue from that! They WANT it! Give it to them--not to me! And even if these women are trolls, they still get it (I'm referring to "the action.") GOOD! I say all the better! Go for it!

But I'm not the type. I don't dress that way. I don't ask for it. So in other case, leave me out of it. I ask all you men, "Be able to differentiate between those that want that attention, and those that don't."

In fact, maybe this amazing simple poem with help you guys to make the distinction.

~ Lucy

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

My second set - May 20, 2007

I've been told to get on stage as often as possible. You know you're doing a good job exercising your talent, when you're doing 3 - 4 sets a week. I have violated my own pact by not getting on stage enough. I finally did it again, tonight. It's been far too long.

...get on stage as often as possible...

People talk about brain farts. As soon I as get off stage I have the opposite, perhaps an epiphany. I realize that I should have done this long ago.

Before I get on stage, I think "What am I going to say/talk about?" I feel like the kid who is rushing to finish his homework assignment before the school bell rings and the teacher walks around class to pick up the homework. Yeah, my sets are half-assed and at best get graded that sympathy "C+".

So here's my second set, which, IMHO, I don't think was as good as the first. I was even LESS prepared this time. But I did have the inevitable epiphany. I need to get better each time---not worse. That is my goal.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Just when you thought it was safe..."

To quote "That announcer guy from the movie previews," Don LaFontaine1... Yes, just when I thought I was safe I had the rug swept from underneath me. All because of this guy: CLICK HERE to see the bane of my existence

Yes, Rob P.,2 of the mid-west. Now, I'm completely reevaluating whether or not this blog is even worth the blood, sweat, and tears, if someone else is doing a much better job at it, complete with stellar readily available video podcast! Ugh! Damn you, Paravonian!

Obviously, this is all in jest. I have nothing but love for Rob P. and nowhere near what would be considered a death wish. His command of HTML makes me puke with envy, but I'm handling it with several doses of Maalox Plus.

And Rob? What's with the multiple site names?

Pick one.

Rob P's site is awesome for would-be standup comics, especially if you want to hit The College Circuit. He strategically outlines in each episode how to pave your way to "Comedic Stardom." So I guess he's coming from a "been there, done that" perspective, while myblog serves up the experience as it happens. So, nyah-nyah! Both could be step-by-step lesson plans/outlines.

Okay, so I guess this blog will live on!


1Don LaFontaine [Official Site | Wikipedia | You Tube] [Return To Entry]

2Rob Paravonian [Official Site | Wikipedia | MySpace | You Tube] [Return To Entry]

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I've established a schedule

So finally, now that all the events affecting my life are in full swing, I need to establish some order. I was awesome in grade school (and high school) at referring to a schedule (i.e. "agenda") but sometimes I find them so binding and limiting. It's going to take some practice, but I need to put my "day-planner" to use.

...I need to establish some order...

It will be because of this schedule, that I will be able to post more often either the audio/video of my sets. My goal is to not repeat jokes and bore the audience, but to really hone in on it.

I ran into the "new" New Talent booker at StandUp NY, and she promised me a spot on her New Talent Night, taking place in June. So I'm nervous and excited. I really gotta make this work--pull all my collective skills together and slam dunk this baby! I think the hardest part will be sticking to the schedule and being organized enough to find out what's not working and shuffle when necessary.

Perhaps this June event is the "prize fight" I need to train for.


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Further Inspiration...

...If there’s a model for how to pursue being a comic right now, it’s him....

I came across this post on the comedy blog/website Dead Frog. I read this and audibly sighed while reading it. It was more of a mental "ah ha!" reinforcing what I had instinctively known all along. Okay. Bear with me as I try to describe this. Have you ever had a gut feeling, but couldn't assemble the feeling into words? Perhaps, the thought or feeling vanquished too soon for you to build up the momentum to utter the thematic relevance. But later on, you then read a few choice words (either written on a billboard, blog, or the back of someone's ass pants) and the profound message justified what you were feeling all along, thereby giving you the strength to move forward.

Well, that's how I felt when I read this:

I’ve heard Louis CK describe how he’s been following Chris Rock‘s model of treating the shows between specials like training for prize fights. If Louis C.K. can maintain the high bar he set in his special Shameless, he and Chris are on to something. If there’s a model for how to pursue being a comic right now it’s him.

I guess I haven't gotten to the prize fight stage, but I aiming for it. Thank you Louis and Chris. I'll get there someday... sooner rather than later!


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Serendipity, yet again?

So I attended School Night at UCB theatre. It's a place for comedians, mainly improv acts to debut their work. It's a fairly solid show, for it to begin at 11pm. But it's FREE, so no complaints. I was disappointed to see no standup comedians, but perhaps once I get my act down, I'll try out the UCB audience.

Well let's get to the Serendipity, shall we?

I was restless before, during, and after the show. Simply put, I was ready to go home after a pseudo-comedy run (I say pseudo because I attended a hot, sweaty, and humid party called SHINDIG. Oh, by the way? Did I tell you there was a real live nudist there, enjoying the party in his all hairy glory? It was funny to see him casually walk around the party as if he was not naked. While the party was packed and everyone was squeezed in to listen to the band, the nudist could glide through the room easily because of the 3 ft radius that developed around him. (Who wants to touch a naked, hairy, sweaty 40 yr old by accident at a party?) He sauntered around and it was like watching the proverbial parting of the Indie Rocker Red Sea all over again.)

Okay I digress, back to the UCB theatre show- School Night:

Before I take my seat, I usually pull my cell phone out of my pocket and place it nearby, within my peripheral vision because a) I don't want to sit on it uncomfortably b) it won't scare the bejesus out of me when it buzzes c) I can see it flickering and flashing within that brief distance, glance at the number, and decide whether or not it's worth answering, all the while never interrupting fellow audience members.

Now I always set it on vibrate, after experimenting with several other standard ringtones (There's no way you'll ever catch me purchasing a ringtone for my phone... unless of course it's either New Order or Soft Cell 'Tainted Love.' I don't even like 'Tainted Love' that much, but a friend of mine had it as his ringtone.. and I thought it was this coolest thing since fresh soy milk.)

Back to the show:

So remember I'm restless, and as soon as School Night is over. I'm out the door like a bat out of hell (to quote my dad.) Anyway, I got about 1 block and a 1/2 away from the theatre missing the lumpy feeling in my pocket. DAMMIT! So I hot foot it back to the theatre!

I walk in and there are about 20-30 people MORE in the theatre. There was a minimal turnout for School Night, so this seems a bit ridiculous. I shuffle about and then head for where the cell phone was last seen. Naturally curious, I asked the couple that had replaced me in my seat if they had seen my phone.

"Here ya go!" She smiles and hands me the phone, happily. I, happily, accept.

"So what's going tonight?" I ask.

It was then that I learned about 3 pilots that were handed-picked from regular UCB theatre acts and they were debuting all the pilots tonight. SWEET!

[Clearly Network and Cable TV is heading the way of improv and examples are Human Giant (MTV)]

Here were the pilots:

  • "Improv Everywhere" - creator Charlie Todd (NBC)

  • "Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet" - creators John Gemberling and
    Curtis Gwinn](Adult Swim)

  • "We Used to Go Out" - creators Jessica St. Clair and Jason Mantzoukas](HBO)

  • I used to have a dire hatred of improv and sketch comedy. But perhaps, improv isn't so bad afterall...

    food for thought!

    I got a chance to speak briefly with Improv Everywhere's Charlie Todd. But it was too short to comment on here. I hope to run into him later on. I really respect his website/idea.


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    Sunday, May 13, 2007

    Women in Comedy

    So I realize now that I was always confusing these two women and I need to take a stand and finally sort this out. I think both these women have made great strides in comedy, especially for my generation. I understand there are the Phyllis Dillers, the Roseanne Barr's, the Ellen DeGeneres. But to keep it closer to my growth into comedy these two women were more my style and I relate to them best.

    [I know I should post photos of them here, but I haven't figured out the whole image/copyrighting thing. So linking to their respective wiki-sites will have to do.]

    Both were on The Daily Show as correspondents at some point in their careers, thus further adding to my confusion.

    I'm posting because they were/are great influences in my comedy career. I aspire to be like them. I like their subtle delivery and still manage to be feminine; an exceedingly difficult thing to do in the white-male dominated world of comedy. "Can I get an, Amen?"

    I also give props to Sarah Silverman. However, I believe she deserves her own post, because I have conflicting opinions on her style, delivery, and content.

    BTW: Happy Mother's Day!

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    Wednesday, May 9, 2007

    "Can you hear me in the back?" (Comedy Run)

    Todd Barry totally blew up my spot tonight. He said he read my blog which was flattering and petrifying at the same time. Luckily, I'm not an a--hole, so I don't write disparaging remarks about comedians, right Todd? Anyway, I try to keep it objective. Objective to me of course!

    My goal with this blog is to make a virtual diary, tracking my inevitable success. Duh! (*wink-wink*) We shall see...

    Anyway, this Wed night was incredible--jam-packed with open mics.

    First Stop: Stand Up New York
    Overall, minimal turnout (5 people or less), but they just lost a promoter/open mic MC, so they are "regrouping." It's a supportive environment for up-and-comers so I believe this will blow up in the next 6 months, especially with the right amount of marketing.

    Next Stop: Comedy Cellar
    We arrived too late to do a set, but I did meet the MC, so it was cool. He now knows me and perhaps he'll cut me a break every so often. (You scratch my back. I scratch yours.)

    Third Stop: The Duplex
    Known as a relatively cliquey ensemble cast. I like to go to see the talent and of course hear the jokes. I'm gathering ideas about how I can eventually run my own Open-mic or comedy show. But slowly. ...s...l...o...w...l...y...

    Non-Comedy related stop: On the way to ITU, we walked by a Furniture Gala (Yeah, I know there's a joke in here somewhere.) And you can tell it was sort of a society event--hoit(e)y-toit(e)y, fancy-schmancy affair. People were spilling out onto the sidewalk and so we (NCB and I) thought, "Why not?" We headed in and checked out some cool furniture. (Nothing that I would want in my dream house.) But afterall, it was Art! Eventually, the wait staff, if I made add were waaaayyy too attractive to be waitstaff, started to honor us with some champagne. Now I'm thinking, "this is way too easy." So we were served drinks. I being a teetotaler, passed mine onto P Buddy, whom I realize as I write this forgot to give a proper introduction.

    Fourth and Last Stop: Rififi's (Cinema Classics) - INVITE THEM UP!
    Tonight was a bit slower. But funny none-the-less. I said Hi to Eugene Mirman and introduced myself. I figured he didn't remember me, but he did. In fact, he added, "Yeah, I've been introduced to you like 5 times." YIKES! NCB laughed because even NCB knew that. Yes, I was selfishly overly obsequious and recently wanted to make an impression. So now I realize I have.

    Even worse, I totally missed out on Demetri Martin's set last week. The week I decided not to attend. And it was a long night, with several comics. I'm annoyed at myself.

    ...Maybe it's because they can't hear me in the back...

    And the "headliner," if you can call this very cozy friendly show, a show that produces headliners--- it's too family-oriented to place that kind of feel on it. The headliner was Todd Barry. A part of his set was about how people enter a show 15 mins into it and non-chalantly take their reserved seats in front, basically outlining how rude it is. He mentioned that there were two seats available in front during his set. We, NCB and I, quickly ran in and filled them. Not too many laughs from the audience, but apparently the bar room enjoyed watching it on the flat screen. That move made the night. Barry chatted up NCB while onstage. Pretty cool to be referenced in the show!

    He also kept using the callback "Can you hear me in the back?" With the dexterity of a filigree seamstress, he used the callback enough and in the right places for it to be unexpected and it never got old. [Note to self: Understand and hone the craft of a proper callback. Points it adds to the set: 10!]

    New word I learned today: Teetotaler - The story about how I learned this word is pathetic, at best. Recently, Glamour magazine has been running a contest the new "Jake." The original "Jake" was headhunted by Glamour editors to write about dating from a male perspective in hopes of teaching women about the way men think. To be honest, his column was very interesting. I used to get caught up because he would act like such a bastard to women. Classic Men.

    Long story short is Jake got engaged. And usually, I'm a sucker for romantic comedies (good ones: French Kiss, You Got Mail (featuring favored comedian, Dave Chappelle), Shakespeare in Love, Bridget Jones' Diary) salivating over the happy endings. But for some reason, this ending didn't sit well with me--the fact that Jake was getting married. I dunno. I haven't digested it yet. Maybe because I would like to meet him myself and decide whether or not he was really the cat's meow as the magazine made him out to be. Maybe he's Prince Charming, but maybe he's a troll. I'll never know, will I?


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    It's been an eventful couple of days...

    It's weird how thing work out. This Sunday, I wasn't planning on going onstage, but I did and it was AWESOME! What a rush! Maybe because my jokes were edgy/funny. I definitely recommend that as a beginning comic, it works out best if your material is funny.

    I admit some of my "jokes," fell flat because I didn't have a strong punchline. Don't worry. I will be heading back to the drawing board promptly to rework things.

    So Monday I had a meeting with more comedy buddies, which worked out well. N buddy was nervous about going on stage, citing "lack of experience" as an excuse. But we all know where I am in this game. No worries. We made a pseudo-pact to go on that night. But only after we went over material and tried to punch it up.

    After about 2 hours of punching, we skated off to Greenwich Village to catch a show that was in the works, in the hopes of going on stage. The place/location was abysmal which I'm sure in some grandiose way affected my chakras and really discouraged me from getting onstage. Luckily enough, the comics and the humor were abysmal as well.

    But that night, N buddy noticed that "these guys suck." Noted. And I agreed. So we both decided as we left that we needed to hone an act blow these guys out of the water next time we come back to this venue. Again, noted. So now it's time to hit drawing boards and make Muse jealous again. Perhaps tonight something will pop.

    Good times. Good times.

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    Saturday, May 5, 2007

    M Comedy Buddy cancelled, but new one to join the pack!

    So M Buddy cancelled for some unforeseen work issue. Understandable. I'm a forgiving person. We made a DO-or-DIE pact to go onstage on May 8th together. So over this weekend I'm going to prepare a kick-ass set. The irony lies in the idea that I won't know if it's a kick-ass set until I leave the stage. But clearly I'm willing to chance it, weigh the consequences, and follow Nike's way outdated instruction and "JUST DO IT!"

    I found another craigslist ad of a buddy who also wants to get started in the comedy biz. This new buddy (we'll call "N Buddy") eventually called me. We spoke over the phone for a bit. (I think people are always surprise to speak to me on the phone, because I'm never what they expect me to be. I'm a bubbly person by nature. I'm giddy and cheerful, but not cheerleader cheerful. Pleasant. It's not nerve-wracking and you don't have to make up things to say with me. I'm good like that.)

    Anyway, N Buddy was happy to make my acquaintance and we're going to meet up with my already scheduled meeting with M Buddy. All of us are going to do our homework and hollow out some kind of set and format of jokes. I'm fairly confident about my jokes and writing. It's the delivery that worries me most. I'm still stuck between that rock and a hard place where I don't know HOW TO execute the jokes. Intonation. Persona. Who am I onstage? Eventually, I'll figure this out. But I fear it will take longer than I expect.


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    Wednesday, May 2, 2007

    Holy Crap - ITU 5 year Anniversary Show!

    I'm such a tool! I totally forgot to mention the ITU Anniversary show that occurred on Wednesday, April 25th, 2007! There was so much to blog about, I completely skipped it! So I'm going to try and make up for it here--a week belated!

    So many comics showed up. And I even exchanged numbers with an established comic of 13 years. I'm super-psyched to share this with you.

    Okay, okay, where do I begin.
    The party was so packed, when we arrived they were selling standing room only tickets and the main room was SOLD OUT. (Don't you think it's funny that SOLD OUT always has to be written with ALL CAPS or it just doesn't look right.) Yeah, so it was SOLD OUT and the bar had a wide screen with super loud sound, which at first seemed unnecessary, but once the crowd gathered in their drunken haze, it was much needed!

    Several established comedians trickled in and I regret writing them all down. But I will make an attempt, perhaps at the end of this blog.

    Non-Comedy Buddy was there with me and we first annoyed that we couldn't get into the main room. But that was made up for because NCB ended up hooking up with the one of the comedians. (So there goes that complaint!)

    The show itself was pretty kick-ass. And instead of describe it all, most of which I could hear over the steady bar din, I will link up to several blogs describing it themselves.

    Otherwise, it was a festive night. Quite enjoyable, great personalities abound!

    I invite you to INVITE THEM UP (ITU). It was a weekly show that I chanced upon, and still to this day, it's paying me in dividends!

    ~ Lucy

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    Cancellation, once again-- and on an ITU night, no less!

    Bummer! M Comedy Buddy and Non-Comedy Buddy cancelled for tonight's ITU show. I'm debating whether or not I should attend. I really should be nailing down my act. Comedy buddy and I made a pact to go on stage on May 8th. The goal seems to be slipping through my/our fingers.

    M Buddy had work travails pop up! ("work travails" - redundancy maybe?) Non-Comedy Buddy stated that tiredness was to blame. (I take full responsibility, for NCB's lethargy last night. I wanted to attend another scheduled comedy show Brainyaxe that was for the most part eventful--and wet--and I dragged NCB with me.) 'Wet' is the preferred adjective because it rained (as the weather report stated it would) and when all was said and done, we needed to head home. Maybe I should rename this post "Rainyaxe?"

    So now that everyone has cancelled, I'm not sure I should attend the ITU show. I guess you'll find out tomorrow as what the final decision will be.

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    Successful Meeting with M Buddy

    So I've had two more meetings with this same comedy buddy, we'll call "M". It's been great so far!

    M seems interested enough to want to improve upon the craft.

    The first meeting, M brought some of M's previous work, and as we combed through it, we realized more and more that it was in "story" format, rather than "joke" format. So luckily I brought my handy Comedy Bible, which M owns. Not to say it was easy to explain the idea to M that, "These jokes need to be rewritten in a new format, or we need to start fresh!"

    My LSAT course... oh, by the way, did I tell you I was taking an LSAT course? Yeah, well, I need to be prepared, just in case this comedy thing goes south! Anyway, it starts May 12th and I will swamped the minute that gets underway. I still have to remain 'logical' and law school is on the horizon as a back up.

    I also need to start thinking about letters of recommendation. I have no idea. I haven't had a steady job--well, ever! And although, I'm a great law school candidate, I might have a harder time than most proving it.

    Anyway, Comedy Buddy M and I met up now for a third time, this time with M having completed 'homework,' assigned by me. (Pretty funny idea, eh?) So when we met up he had a better idea of how to approach joke writing.* We read his premises (basis topics on a joke). Okay. Fine. Then we got to hashing away at his premises, and some how we tapped a nerve and a flood of ideas came flowing out. It was exciting to witness the comedy process firsthand.

    This reminded me about the myth behind inspiration. Inspiration and great ideas don't come to you at will. Sometimes you have to go out and drag your muse back in the building. You gotta show the muse that it's now or never. Eventually, you'll intrigue Muse. Muse might see that you're hard at work and begin to pace around you while you drill away. Eventually Muse is going to get restless and want to grab the pen out of your hand, like some curmudgeonly school marm.

    "No, no. Don't do it like that. Do it like this."

    And Muse finally adds its two cents, and together you make things happen. The point being, you need to entice Muse by doing the work anyway. Eventually, the Muse will want to 'get in the mix,' jealous and irked Muse is not involved in the process. Muse can be a bit of a bastard is greedy for praise. And despite Muse's best attempts at wanting to see you fail, Muse's need for accolade wins out. And eventually, Muse wants to be apart of every single accomplishment. Muse can't sit by the sidelines and watch you at work. So you need to entice Muse by getting started in the first place. Even when you're so uninspired, it's mind-numbing. Muse will get involved. I promise!


    * By the way, I don't want to say, by any means that I have any grasp of joke writing or comedy at all. You've seen my history in comedy, which has consisted of a month and 3 days. But M has been 'out of the loop' for much longer.


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