Saturday, May 5, 2007

M Comedy Buddy cancelled, but new one to join the pack!

So M Buddy cancelled for some unforeseen work issue. Understandable. I'm a forgiving person. We made a DO-or-DIE pact to go onstage on May 8th together. So over this weekend I'm going to prepare a kick-ass set. The irony lies in the idea that I won't know if it's a kick-ass set until I leave the stage. But clearly I'm willing to chance it, weigh the consequences, and follow Nike's way outdated instruction and "JUST DO IT!"

I found another craigslist ad of a buddy who also wants to get started in the comedy biz. This new buddy (we'll call "N Buddy") eventually called me. We spoke over the phone for a bit. (I think people are always surprise to speak to me on the phone, because I'm never what they expect me to be. I'm a bubbly person by nature. I'm giddy and cheerful, but not cheerleader cheerful. Pleasant. It's not nerve-wracking and you don't have to make up things to say with me. I'm good like that.)

Anyway, N Buddy was happy to make my acquaintance and we're going to meet up with my already scheduled meeting with M Buddy. All of us are going to do our homework and hollow out some kind of set and format of jokes. I'm fairly confident about my jokes and writing. It's the delivery that worries me most. I'm still stuck between that rock and a hard place where I don't know HOW TO execute the jokes. Intonation. Persona. Who am I onstage? Eventually, I'll figure this out. But I fear it will take longer than I expect.


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