Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Just when you thought it was safe..."

To quote "That announcer guy from the movie previews," Don LaFontaine1... Yes, just when I thought I was safe I had the rug swept from underneath me. All because of this guy: CLICK HERE to see the bane of my existence

Yes, Rob P.,2 of the mid-west. Now, I'm completely reevaluating whether or not this blog is even worth the blood, sweat, and tears, if someone else is doing a much better job at it, complete with stellar readily available video podcast! Ugh! Damn you, Paravonian!

Obviously, this is all in jest. I have nothing but love for Rob P. and nowhere near what would be considered a death wish. His command of HTML makes me puke with envy, but I'm handling it with several doses of Maalox Plus.

And Rob? What's with the multiple site names?

Pick one.

Rob P's site is awesome for would-be standup comics, especially if you want to hit The College Circuit. He strategically outlines in each episode how to pave your way to "Comedic Stardom." So I guess he's coming from a "been there, done that" perspective, while myblog serves up the experience as it happens. So, nyah-nyah! Both could be step-by-step lesson plans/outlines.

Okay, so I guess this blog will live on!


1Don LaFontaine [Official Site | Wikipedia | You Tube] [Return To Entry]

2Rob Paravonian [Official Site | Wikipedia | MySpace | You Tube] [Return To Entry]

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