Sunday, May 20, 2007

My second set - May 20, 2007

I've been told to get on stage as often as possible. You know you're doing a good job exercising your talent, when you're doing 3 - 4 sets a week. I have violated my own pact by not getting on stage enough. I finally did it again, tonight. It's been far too long.

...get on stage as often as possible...

People talk about brain farts. As soon I as get off stage I have the opposite, perhaps an epiphany. I realize that I should have done this long ago.

Before I get on stage, I think "What am I going to say/talk about?" I feel like the kid who is rushing to finish his homework assignment before the school bell rings and the teacher walks around class to pick up the homework. Yeah, my sets are half-assed and at best get graded that sympathy "C+".

So here's my second set, which, IMHO, I don't think was as good as the first. I was even LESS prepared this time. But I did have the inevitable epiphany. I need to get better each time---not worse. That is my goal.

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boneman said...

You did better than the first one in that you were smoother. Nice "thrust" in your words.

I don't know who the comedian was that taught me this, but, I use it alot, and you could have, too....
Whenever you're coming up to the punchline...know then where your next step is going to be. If you can't remember....which happens to a lot of people all the time, but, if you see that coming up,...well, repeat the last two sentences again. And again and again until you remember the next line and I just rememebered who the comedian was...
Shoot! I remembered while I was typing and then it vanished....
Lessee....Elton John? No...not a comedian....Elton John? No. You ninny, you just said Elton John again. Now who was that? He wqas british..Elton John?
DANG IT! It's not Elton John. Elton John is a musician! Wait!
Dresses up almost feminine...
Likes dresses....
Make up....

Elton John?
You white-boy, clod-hoppin', yuk-yuk from the country! Dang it!
Nice enough guy, friendly, polite, as long as you don't step on him, but, if you do, I think the dress thing isn't new and if y'find a guy wearing a dress for that long, well, he can probably handle himself.

Elton John?
Now, while I like Elton John music, the fact is, the boy can't probably handle himself anymore. Gone to too big, y'know?
Yeah, but he's rich enough to buy several bodyguards....

OK, I'll give you that, but who is the guy in the dress and don't say Elton John!
Eddie Izzard!

No, it was Elton John.
No, not really.
No really.

No. Not really.

It's kind of like a bomb catcher ("guess a joke's like a gal getting out of a taxi. Sometimes y'see it, sometimes y'don't" Jerry Lewis and oliver Platt in Funnybones, a really great movie)
that works while you get caught up with yourself.

so you would rob a bank. No Not really.
(line's not there) No, really.
No...not really
(line's still not there?)
No, really. Rob a bank..

(and you realize that you're getting a laugh everytime you forget, but nowm, don't get lazy and lean on it so hard... I think Craig Fergeson does, sometimes, but then, it might just be his joke writers, eh?)
(by the way, got that next line yet? No?)
"No, not really. I ain't robbing a bank!
(Oh yeah.....)