Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's been an eventful couple of days...

It's weird how thing work out. This Sunday, I wasn't planning on going onstage, but I did and it was AWESOME! What a rush! Maybe because my jokes were edgy/funny. I definitely recommend that as a beginning comic, it works out best if your material is funny.

I admit some of my "jokes," fell flat because I didn't have a strong punchline. Don't worry. I will be heading back to the drawing board promptly to rework things.

So Monday I had a meeting with more comedy buddies, which worked out well. N buddy was nervous about going on stage, citing "lack of experience" as an excuse. But we all know where I am in this game. No worries. We made a pseudo-pact to go on that night. But only after we went over material and tried to punch it up.

After about 2 hours of punching, we skated off to Greenwich Village to catch a show that was in the works, in the hopes of going on stage. The place/location was abysmal which I'm sure in some grandiose way affected my chakras and really discouraged me from getting onstage. Luckily enough, the comics and the humor were abysmal as well.

But that night, N buddy noticed that "these guys suck." Noted. And I agreed. So we both decided as we left that we needed to hone an act blow these guys out of the water next time we come back to this venue. Again, noted. So now it's time to hit drawing boards and make Muse jealous again. Perhaps tonight something will pop.

Good times. Good times.

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