Sunday, May 13, 2007

Women in Comedy

So I realize now that I was always confusing these two women and I need to take a stand and finally sort this out. I think both these women have made great strides in comedy, especially for my generation. I understand there are the Phyllis Dillers, the Roseanne Barr's, the Ellen DeGeneres. But to keep it closer to my growth into comedy these two women were more my style and I relate to them best.

[I know I should post photos of them here, but I haven't figured out the whole image/copyrighting thing. So linking to their respective wiki-sites will have to do.]

Both were on The Daily Show as correspondents at some point in their careers, thus further adding to my confusion.

I'm posting because they were/are great influences in my comedy career. I aspire to be like them. I like their subtle delivery and still manage to be feminine; an exceedingly difficult thing to do in the white-male dominated world of comedy. "Can I get an, Amen?"

I also give props to Sarah Silverman. However, I believe she deserves her own post, because I have conflicting opinions on her style, delivery, and content.

BTW: Happy Mother's Day!

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