Monday, May 7, 2007

FINALLY, a recorded set - May 7, 2007

FINALLY... I'm so happy to have this underneath my belt.

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Beth said...

Omg "Pet Peeves!!" That's gotta be your catch phrase. You have so many good pet peeves, lol. ;-D

Cidersweet said...

Alas! It's not loading on my screen.

I'll keep trying. (If I myt add tho, judging from your blog, you've got talent... NOT a "false compliment"!)

ollie's fork in the road said...

I had a chance to check out your set. All I can say keep getting on stage. Do give up on the joke before, you have finished the joke.

Get on stage as much as you can. You have an up hill battle in the comedy industry.

Take care & God bless

John Oliver Frederick

Beau said...

Rob a bank for your man? Now that is love! I think you sold me on that attribute. We should amend the questions at the altar.

boneman said...

I thought it was great for a first effort, but, dang! Don't you wish you had stepped up there with a couple of falsies?
Now, I'm not being bad mouthed, mind you, but, if it's a bar/grill/stage sort of affair, if you're first lines are going to be "I want to get a couple things off my chest" ...and you DO....

Well, I dunno. That might be toooddball. But, I gave it a five because it was your first and it sure beat to dickens anything I could say on a stage!

Can't wait to hear #2.

(rude noise coming from restrooms)
Not that! The set!