Friday, May 18, 2007

Further Inspiration...

...If there’s a model for how to pursue being a comic right now, it’s him....

I came across this post on the comedy blog/website Dead Frog. I read this and audibly sighed while reading it. It was more of a mental "ah ha!" reinforcing what I had instinctively known all along. Okay. Bear with me as I try to describe this. Have you ever had a gut feeling, but couldn't assemble the feeling into words? Perhaps, the thought or feeling vanquished too soon for you to build up the momentum to utter the thematic relevance. But later on, you then read a few choice words (either written on a billboard, blog, or the back of someone's ass pants) and the profound message justified what you were feeling all along, thereby giving you the strength to move forward.

Well, that's how I felt when I read this:

I’ve heard Louis CK describe how he’s been following Chris Rock‘s model of treating the shows between specials like training for prize fights. If Louis C.K. can maintain the high bar he set in his special Shameless, he and Chris are on to something. If there’s a model for how to pursue being a comic right now it’s him.

I guess I haven't gotten to the prize fight stage, but I aiming for it. Thank you Louis and Chris. I'll get there someday... sooner rather than later!


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