Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cancellation, once again-- and on an ITU night, no less!

Bummer! M Comedy Buddy and Non-Comedy Buddy cancelled for tonight's ITU show. I'm debating whether or not I should attend. I really should be nailing down my act. Comedy buddy and I made a pact to go on stage on May 8th. The goal seems to be slipping through my/our fingers.

M Buddy had work travails pop up! ("work travails" - redundancy maybe?) Non-Comedy Buddy stated that tiredness was to blame. (I take full responsibility, for NCB's lethargy last night. I wanted to attend another scheduled comedy show Brainyaxe that was for the most part eventful--and wet--and I dragged NCB with me.) 'Wet' is the preferred adjective because it rained (as the weather report stated it would) and when all was said and done, we needed to head home. Maybe I should rename this post "Rainyaxe?"

So now that everyone has cancelled, I'm not sure I should attend the ITU show. I guess you'll find out tomorrow as what the final decision will be.

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