Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Holy Crap - ITU 5 year Anniversary Show!

I'm such a tool! I totally forgot to mention the ITU Anniversary show that occurred on Wednesday, April 25th, 2007! There was so much to blog about, I completely skipped it! So I'm going to try and make up for it here--a week belated!

So many comics showed up. And I even exchanged numbers with an established comic of 13 years. I'm super-psyched to share this with you.

Okay, okay, where do I begin.
The party was so packed, when we arrived they were selling standing room only tickets and the main room was SOLD OUT. (Don't you think it's funny that SOLD OUT always has to be written with ALL CAPS or it just doesn't look right.) Yeah, so it was SOLD OUT and the bar had a wide screen with super loud sound, which at first seemed unnecessary, but once the crowd gathered in their drunken haze, it was much needed!

Several established comedians trickled in and I regret writing them all down. But I will make an attempt, perhaps at the end of this blog.

Non-Comedy Buddy was there with me and we first annoyed that we couldn't get into the main room. But that was made up for because NCB ended up hooking up with the one of the comedians. (So there goes that complaint!)

The show itself was pretty kick-ass. And instead of describe it all, most of which I could hear over the steady bar din, I will link up to several blogs describing it themselves.

Otherwise, it was a festive night. Quite enjoyable, great personalities abound!

I invite you to INVITE THEM UP (ITU). It was a weekly show that I chanced upon, and still to this day, it's paying me in dividends!

~ Lucy

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