Friday, April 20, 2007

Seminal Bagel moment

I've had a seminal moment in my quest and the moment is prefaced by bagels. Let me explain. I walked into the neighborhood H&H bagel shop, which is a bagel shop in the definitive. I'd never been there before, despite having walked by several times never fully being enticed to enter. But I emphasize 'definitive,' in that they do nothing else but sell bagels--that's it. No making of bagel sandwiches, no toasting of bagels, no butter or cream cheese. So it's a bare bones bagel shop. And so, it being 10am in the morning on a weekday, I was in the mood for a bagel sandwich. But I had to settle for plain and simple. I ordered and then waited. I turn to my right and what image do I see on the wall? No one other than my idol (and I'm hesistant to use that word, 'idol'), Mr. Jerry Seinfeld. The article was definitely post-sitcom, post-marriage, post-kids. The article profiled a shop in downtown Manhattan, that offered to name a sandwich after Mr. Seinfeld. The story mentioned how he was originally reluctant to have a sandwich he's never tasted named after him. So the store owner/sandwich dubber wanted to hold an official tasting. The sandwich was a peanut butter, cinnamon, jelly concoction. Seinfeld tasted it and was pleased, along with his wife. Consider the sandwich aptly named!

So why was this hanging up in H&H bagel shop? Because the sandwich was made with an H&H bagel. Surprise, surprise!

I was just happy to see a photo of Seinfeld. Further inspiration for me to continue on my quest.

* They need to add California bagels to their repetoire.

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