Friday, April 6, 2007

Meeting of the Minds #2

Another productive meeting. I met with Comedy Buddy "F".
The deal is, I would help F organize (paperwork, her room, etc.) if F helped me tighten my jokes. I have so much material to get through that I needed specific help.

Dilemma #1:
I speak very quickly, and I forget that people can't absorb info (premise, set-up, punchline) of a joke, as fast as I speak. So I will have to make a concerted effort to slow down my mode of speech. Even as I write this, my hands aren't moving fast enough to capture my thoughts.

So we tackled some of my ideas. I didn't agree with all of the suggestions, mainly because there's a specific comedic voice I'm looking for and I wasn't confident the one F was providing was the one that matched in my head. But at this point in time, I need to just use any voice and move on from there.

I remember when Jason Alexander spoke about his first reading of the character "George Costanza" from Seinfeld. He simply was doing a straight Woody Allen impression. And slowly "George" as we know it came about. I expect the same will happen with my comedic voice.

We (F and I) made a pact not to share ideas and signed a non-disclosure agreements protecting both of us.

For the most part, that afternoon/evening was relatively relaxed. I'm never relaxed in another person's home. It's next to impossible for me to feel comfortable. But I was fed, which helped calm my qualms (try saying that 3x fast.)

F was happy with the meeting and called me soon after (perhaps 1 hour later), basically as soon as I stepped in the door of the apartment. F said we should meet again tomorrow. F seems really excited, which inspires me to strive for more out of comedy.

C-yu tomorrow

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