Sunday, April 29, 2007

No shows and lame excuses

So I scheduled yet another comedy meeting---a totally brand new meeting, with brand new people. The reason being because I have had so many residual e-mails from random craigslist people. And I'm not one to exclude other's from the fun.

So I decided to arrange a few more meetings, at the newcomers' indirect request.

I went through all the replies in my InBox and then sifted through comedy forums and collected e-mail and complied a MEGA-email! Expectedly, I received a ton of e-mails in response to my MEGA-email and gave several options for date, time, location-- so each budding comedian could choose the best time to accomodate their schedule. Each respondent RSVP'ed with the best chosen dates. I tallied the most votes and finalized the date, sending out a reminder email.

And with all that effort, it turned out to be a big bluff. A serious amount of no shows. Out of 5, 1 showed. 2 including myself. I put a lot of faith in people's word. Perhaps, this is a lesson I should learn--and re-learn.

Mood: Bummed

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