Sunday, April 15, 2007

Atheists and Death

I find it weird that the adamant atheists that I meet are afraid of death. I went through all the phases of questioning our maker.

Atheist, after being raised pseudo-Catholic (baptized, communion, but not confirmed.)
Told there was a god and heaven/hell (childhood)
Completely confused by the concept of God (Agnostic - high school)
Finally, to complete my relationship with my maker is that I believe something exists. I have an acceptance that God=universe=love... much easier to visualize/sense, and to know that God exists in all of us, and that love exists in all of us. There is no hell. If there is, we are living it now. At same time, if there's heaven, we are living it now, and you have a choice of what type of lifestyle to indulge in. If you say life sucks, its because you make it suck.

Buddhism says, just accept.

Basically all religions are right in some form. And I don't think we're getting the big picture... Gnosticism teaches research of religious practices and combines all religions. I can respect that.

Anyway, we are surrounded by angels and demons. But for the most part, the balance in tipped in the favor of good. You choose to go to the dark side, believe it or not.

So my concept of God is different from what we've been indoctrinated with. It's more empowering to choose the God you are happy with, and to work within that concept.

Just ask any psychic. They can feel it... see it... know it. I don't question that!

But Atheists afraid of dying? Why? You know there's no God. So what are you afraid of?

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