Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Echo Back

[With this post I felt I needed some clarity, to help both of us out.]

Hello, brethren and sister-en? (Why isn’t there an equal term for sisters? That’s going in my stand-up!)

Let’s start again: Hello, fellow readers of bloggerel. I am a virgin stand-up comic.

...I’m not obsessed with stand-up...

(Virgin in both senses of the word), but a worldly one at that. I have a lot say and very little time to say it. I’m heading to law school soon. (The parents are upset I haven’t done anything with my life post-college. So I’m getting feverish pressure from ‘the units.’) I’m still in the process of applying, so I have about a 1yr and a ½ in my favor before I cross into the nether regions that is the study of law.

Okay, so why am I here? I want to be a stand-up comic. And I’m going to be documenting it all right here. Within that time period (1yr and a ½), my goal is to become a stand-up comic. Ha! Ha! I can hear you laughing now! I don’t know if I’ll be established or another comic force, but I want to see how far I can go. (Not much of a concrete goal, I know. It’s a pretty wimpy one at that. But there’s always room for change.) No, wait! That’s cop out! Okay, right here, right now. My goal is to play to an audience of 100 people. That is my goal! So, as Emeril would say, “Bam!”

Now, mind you, I’m not obsessed with stand-up. I’m not like all these other bloggers that have mind-numbing, social-life-crippling obsessions. The relationship between bloggers and the overall make-up of bloggers is weird. Bloggers are voyeurs and exhibitionists. Me? I’m an exhibitionist trapped in a voyeur’s body!

With regards to stand-up comedians, I don’t have any die hard favorites. I never idolize anything or anyone. I never had pop-icon posters up on the wall when I was growing up. (Mainly because my mom would flip—she spent a lot on the wallpaper). But I do see something in stand-up that I don’t see in any other forms of media. I have profound fascination, if you will. For example:

  • The Immediacy factor - (the participating audience members' reaction, (i.e. "You") - hate it or love it, I’ll know within seconds.)

  • The Nudity/Nakedness factor - (it’s you, me, and the mic. If I goof, you see it. If I kill, you experience it.)

  • The One-Man-Show factor - (I’m all alone, no band, no drum set to keep a beat, no leader to answer to, etc)

  • The One-on-One factor - (here I want to emphasize the live nature of stand-up, the eye contact with audience members, the way silence can be deadening, my words dictate your thoughts, that’s powerful)

  • The Vulnerability factor - (‘nuff said - the downside of the Nude/Nake Factor)

  • I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll add them as they spring up

  • ...I want this to be entertaining...

    My goal with this blog is simply to document my ascent. I know that's pretty presumptuous of me, but I know this will work out if/when I put my mind to it. And someone with such dire and immediate goals needs to have this type of "fly-or-die" attitude. You must know it'll work out. You know, like Yoda said:

    Do or do not. There is no try.

    Cheesy, but true.

    Why? Because it’s all on me. I have no one to blame but myself. I have a crap load to say. And you, the casual on-looker, will be in the forefront. (Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back!)

    Honestly, I want this to be entertaining as well. Why else would I choose stand-up? To bore you to death?

    I know I’m kinda starting late on all fronts. My age: late 20s (Most stand-up comediennes start in college, 18-22). Entering the blogosphere: Any blogger worth their salt started their blogs in 2002 or at the latest 2004. So 2007— not even January, not even beginning of March, but the end of March 2007— is late in the game. I get it. I get it. I have a lot to pump out in order to make this worthwhile, for everyone.

    I’m not a web-nerd. I’m not even that good of a writer. (You’ll have to excuse my lame editing and grammar.) I just need this for me. Me. One selfish thing in the world, built for me, by me. Is that okay? Can you give me that? And who knows. Maybe I’ll get a book deal out of it. *crossing fingers*

    I’ll try to jazz this up and make it more visually stimulating. Perhaps I'll have to beg my techno-blogger friends to help me out. (I even bought webspace, but haven’t put it to good use.)

    I’m huge indie/dance music fan, a relatively huge movie fan (before they started to suck ass and simultaneously cost 15 bux a head), and a less than moderate TV fan, (my interest waning every year.) So pop culture references will probably remain minimal. Unless, they refer back to the 80s, for which I am ever grateful.

    To be honest, I think I’m more into ranting about cultural/societal norms and professing to break them in half. I can’t say I’ve been there done that. (Because remember, I’m still a virgin.) But I want to be heard! No matter what it takes, and I think stand-up is the medium with which to do so.

    Thanks for your time and support!
    ~ Lucy

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