Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ITU night 4

Last Wed night was a ball!

We went to ITU. I totally got reamed for trying to incorporate the recent school shooting into a joke.

Okay, full story. Leo Allen was the host and had derived a formula for how much time needs to pass in before we can make a joke about it.

And I made a suggestion for the recent school shooting.

"No, too soon!"

Dude! You just made a formula which supposed to explain how long before we can make jokes. The shooting would be a perfect example.

Anyway, I felt like a doof because I never got to explain that point.

Later on, we (non-comedy buddy and me) invited ourselves to a party. We met some cool comedy folks and then ate some chips and pizza. It ended up being a house warming party and we even met the gay dude from Prime. (Note: He's not gay in real life.)

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