Sunday, April 8, 2007

No dice...

So the meet-up never worked out. I guess this happens in the comedy world. F had another scheduled meeting that went a lot longer than expected. And plus, F's meeting revolved around work (i.e. making money which leads to getting bills paid) and my meeting didn't. So of course, the former takes precedence. Totally, cool. I had an errand to run in Brooklyn.

In the meantime, I referenced C's book on comedy aptly titled: "The Comedy Bible," by Judy Carter. Great resource, if you haven't picked it up already. I've started to use the exercises, which forced me to think of comedy as a formula. (Ohh! So much easier on my brain. I think much better with formulas and equations.)1

One of the techniques the book forces the reader to implement is breaking a topic/premise into 10 different unfunny statements. Yeah! That's right. Unfunny. It says, outrightly, "Don't try to be funny at first." Just write 10 simple, poignant, original sentences. Bam! (As Emeril would say.)

Anyway, after having each sentence written. It then states to add "an action" to each sentence. It shouldn't at all be forced. It should come naturally and something eventually pops. I'm still working on the actions. But it seems deceivingly simple and straightforward.

Okay, I'll let you know how it goes. And I definitely endorse the book.


1In a way it's kinda sad that the basis of stand-up comedy can be distilled into a formula, but I think everything in life starts with a basic set of rules. And our job as humans, is break them, innovate, evolve. Catch my drift? If comedy was truly that formulaic, than all the comedians we know would be, in essence, the same. And we know, for a fact, that isn't true.[Return to Entry]

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