Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Comedy Hero: Greg Proops

[Click the hyperlink, if you're wondering whether or not GREG PROOPS IS GAY. ]

As I was driving last night, I came across a radio program (do people even listen to those anymore?) on CBC called, The Debaters. The reception wasn't amazing, but I did hear a familiar voice as one of the debating guests. You may know him from the popular TV show, Whose Line Is is Anyway?. He appeared on both the American and the original British version. (Don't we Americans have any original TV show ideas of our own? We always bite off of the Mother country--the British.)

Today, this post is on, American comedian Greg Proops.

Gregory Everett Proops first started his career in Improv and even studied it at university. He eventually graduated to stand-up comedy. He seems to have his feet in both worlds of Improv and Stand-up and does both very well. If you've seen Whose Line is it.., you know he still exercises his improv muscles quite often.

He still performs stand-up and according to Comedy Central.com, "...[he's] toured the UK four times, sold out Edinburgh Fringe Festival seven years running and has kicked it live in Montreal, Aspen, Ireland, Paris, Norway and the United Arab Emirates." Whew! Aren't you tired, Greg? I sure am after reading that! He also has a very successful career providing voices for characters like, Bob, in a British TV series called Bob the Builder for the four seasons of "Project Build-It".

Proops hails from San Francisco and whenever mentions it, he quickly follows it with, "but I'm not gay." He professes to be a screaming liberal, but also reams liberals in his stand-up act. I love it! He's unpredictably liberal! I also find him strangely attractive, much in the same way I find Eddie Izzard attractive. Both comedians have a keen, unique, and distinct use of language and vocabulary. Go figure? I like wordnerds.

In his appearance, he reminds me of a strange cross between Eddie Izzard and Elvis Costello. Maybe it's the close connection to England. Although, his actual performance reminds me of a more watered down, more easily digestible version of Dennis Miller. Where Dennis Miller is heady and obscure, Proops is friendly and relatable.

Well, let me stop babbling and you can witness him yourself:

I do enjoy Mr. Proops' act. It's often hard to distinguish his stand-up from his improv. They are so closely linked in style, one sort of bleeds into the other. I find him entertaining to watch and I love to anticipate what whacky long-winded descriptor will come out of his mouth next. I'm a word geek and if you have a strong command of English language, higher than most, and can be funny with it, I'm buttah...perhaps even puddin'... in your hands.

Awwww yeah, $240 worth of pudding.

[ Official Greg Proops Website |
Greg Proops on Wikipedia | Greg Proops Comedy Central profile ]

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Fleiger said...

I was watching standup on Comedy Central just now, and was wondering where I had read the name Greg Proops...

Steve said...

Absolutely love greg - remember catching Whose Line in the mid to late eighties and just knowing it was going to be a good show if Greg was in the line up. I really liked Colin Mochrie too.

Lucy said...

fleiger - Glad, I was able to remind you. Did you at least enjoy what you saw?

steve - Greg is a solid performer, in both improv and stand-up. He's more noted for his improv. But either way, he's a maven, really. I will aspire to be like him.