Friday, October 12, 2007

Top 10 Ways to Spot a Comedian

1) Their nocturnal lifestyle.
2) Their inattention to style-- closer to torn and tattered clothing
3) They either carry a notebook or a voice recorder.
4) Their relentless notetaking and holding long conversations with themselves.
5) Their inability to laugh--at anything.
6) Their constant scrutiny of other jokes.
7) Their reclusive nature, ducking behind corners when strangers approach.
8) Their sad story about their burdensome "forever-the-black-sheep" life.
9) Their afflictions
10) Their screwball affectations which then become afflictions (see above).

Top 11th way: Their obsessive list-making.

edit: this only applies to male comics.

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Sidhusaaheb said...

Well, I don't carry a notebook or voice-recorder, but tend to make mental notes and am able to laugh at a lot of things.

So, am I a comedian-in-the-making?


Not anytime soon, I would say...

Les Becker said...

Dammit, Lucy! I thought I had the "career" thing down, finally, and you post my exact description on the internet for the whole planet to see! Now I have to go to Comedian School. Where does the bus stop?

RAFFI said...

i guess i'm almost there then. my problem is i laugh at everything and everyone.

RAFFI said...

hey, i just noticed your audio comedy sets, but they don't seem to work. wassup wit dat?

Crashtest Comic said...

That inability to laugh thing is so true...

In leiu of laughing, comedians say "That's fuuuuuny."


(not laughing out loud but kind of smirking to myself...)


Was that supposed to be a funny post? Itwas qwuite funny even if it was meant to be serious. :)

boneman said...

only to mail comics? You mean you get mail from comics?

Actually, now I don't feel so bad because maybe I'm just not comedian material. You see, while I do scrutinize material alot more now than I used to, the thing is to let it take you the first time through, so, usually y'all will find me laughing my butt off at lots of stuff.

I LOVE laughing.
And, I love making others laugh, too.
Guess that alone doesn't actually make me comic material, though, huh?

Rhonda said...

After reading this post I can't tell if being a comedian is a good thing or a bad thing?

but am I right in thinking you enjoy life and that's a good thing...

Rol Hirst said...

Oh dear. Mother was right. I SHOULD have been a comedian.

Jay Cam said...

lol im always the black sheep!

love the blog, ill try to keep in touch!

Fleiger said...

If not for that edit... I guess that's the cause of the edit part.

But still, 11th way and the edit do kind-of cause an "exception" situation here, right?

Steve said...

Sounds an awful lot like the way you can spot a poet/writer too... gulp!

Lucy said...

les becker - I'm sorry to blow up your spot. I didn't realize I was pegging your career. I'll take it down promptly, as soon as I break the Top 10 of NY Times Best Seller list with my book, "How to Become Stand-up Comedian."

raffi - You're too jovial for stand-up. You need to be more bitter and reclusive. Every comedian is serious--always!

And the audio has always been there. Plus, if you look at the stats on the link, it's says it's been played "79 times". Come back and try again, perhaps when the server isn't down or flooded.

crashtest comic - I'm glad a fellow comedian agrees with the description.

ubermouth - Yes, it was supposed to be funny. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

boneman - nice to see you're back! I hope this blog hasn't displaced your feelings on stand-up comedy or hurt your enjoyment of a comedy show. I'm an analyzer by nature, so I can't help but dissect everything--including jokes.

rhonda - I think we all need to make a dire committment to enjoying life. Hopefully, I'll be to stand out from other comics and show them it's okay to laugh once in a while.

rol hirst - Even if you were joking with your comment, I encourage you wholeheartedly to hit the stage at least once. It makes for a full life.

jay cam - the black sheep is my specialty. I've always been the odd-man-out in almost all of my dealings in life. I've grown to accept it and perhaps even embrace it.

Glad you like the blog! Make sure to come back for more!

fleiger - sure..sure... the edit was supposed to be a joke in and of itself. I haven't met many female comedians, but they seem to be a lot less bitter than the male comedians. However, #11-- list-making --is a part of comedy always and forever.

steve - yes, I believe writers and artists in general relate to this just as much as comedians. I assume we're all kindred spirits.

Kaet said...

I was about to say too, that sounds awfully like a writer too.

but in lieu of laughing and scrutinizing of jokes. It's disinterested in other people's writing (like when people are like, "hey I'm a writer, read my d&d fanfic." and I'm like, "fuck off." Also, writers are extremely bitter toward people in general. Whereas comedians are bitter but they seek the approval of others through laughter.

Lucy said...

Sidhusaaheb - Some how I missed you comment, but sure you can be a comedian-in-the-making. Clearly, you have interest. You're one of the most avid readers of the blog. You have my vote.

kaet - Hmmm... good points, kaet. I've never thought of it that way. I've never met a true writer, so I guess I've never come in contact with the bitterness. But I'll take your word for it.

Kaet said...

I bet you've met true writers. They just don't advertise going "I'm a true writer! I'm a true writer!" I always just say, "I'm a writer." And then people feel the need to share their lifestory for some reason.

Or if they are other "writers" they feel the need to make me read their writing. I hate that.