Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Weight of Our Words

...the idea that words, like a pen or a knife, and be used for good or bad, better or worse, to wound or cut or to heal. It's simply dependent on the intentions of the user...

So this time last year I was visiting one of those alternative metaphysical stores, a pleasant diversion when I'm out running errands. And I got to talking with the store owner. The space was small and quaint and fit right in with a small, quaint homey atmosphere of the neighborhood. She was very inviting and smiled a lot. She was the type who welcomed anyone into her environs, with open arms. Acknowledging this, I should have immediately recognized that her shop would end up being community meeting place, attracting just the same type of open people, radiating the same type of energy. The store was popular, even receiving a bit of a rush of people midday midweek.

We talked for awhile. And then another regular customer walks in and immediately greets the store owner with a gracious hug and kiss on the cheek. I realized this was a normal greeting in this very friendly neighborhood--not unexpected. The man eventually greeted me, but not in such a familial manner, mainly because I hesitated. I'm sure he felt my reluctance.

I then stood back, glanced at the nearby books, and listened to their conversation. They caught up on each other's lives--all of a day and a half that they missed out on.

The regular then abruptly turned to me and handed me a sheet of colored paper.

"Are you going to this?"

The sheet of paper turned out to be a flyer advertising a speaking engagement for an author scientist? spiritualist? philosopher?, Masaru Emoto. He was on a world tour at the time, and that night he was demonstrating his findings, and promoting his books, his Messages from Water series and at the time, Water Crystal Healing: Music & Images to Restore Your Well Being had just been published.

What are his findings?

Emoto professes that if "human thoughts are directed at water before it is frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water." "[Wikipedia]

I never ended up going to the event. And now I regret it a little. But maybe all I needed to hear was that introduction--the idea that words, like a pen or a knife, can be used for good or bad, better or worse, to wound/cut or to heal. It's simply dependent on the intentions of the user.

And how does this relate to comedy? Well, it should be obvious.

I suppose this is why I never liked sarcasm, the biting kind. There's playful sarcasm, which is used for flighty, goofy humor. But then there's the kind that's at someone's expense--cutting, biting, hurtful. People hide behind sarcasm to mask their own feelings. That kind of sarcasm never sat well with me.

So in the spirit of this post, I've decided to post some audio. Sadly, no it's not my voice or my comedy. But it is a great song that I love dearly. And the title should reveal why I'm posting it. I hope you'll enjoy it, too!

If you like the sound, support the artist and buy Versus (2001) album: Kings of Convenience site Astralwerks.

Masaru Emoto's Bio on his Official website, HadoLife

Weight of our words - Kings of Convenience


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raffi said...

i love the kings of convenience, especially that song.... never heard that remix though (it was nice). that's some bizarre shit about emotional energy being transferred to freeezing water. so, am i supposed to be scared if it freezes to the image of the gates of helll or should i be happy that it displays furry white rabbits and flowers? anyways, HAPPY Halloween!!!

drips of paint said...

happy halloween .. lucy

I like your topic ... I often reflect on the weight of my own word .... this is the kind of honesty I am after ... the intention of my own word... is it directed to hurt, get even or something esle....


Steve said...

Hmm... isn't it part of Buddhist philosophy that we construct the world around us with our thoughts? It always made perfect sense to me.

MymaniacalMind said...

That is so true. I actually remind my mother of this all the time. Well written, Lucy.

BipolarLawyerCook said...

What a great post. I try to be kind in words as well as thought, but I don't always succeed. But I try to keep it in mind, regardless.

BellaVida said...

wow, that song is beautiful.

I do however really enjoy sarcasim, not to belittle or to be cruel to someone but the irony behind it. It's like a secret point of view between the teller and the person who gets it.

Lifes to hard to take seriously all the time.

later girlie ;)

Lucy said...

raffi - And, yes, you should be afraid of the former, but not the latter. Just remember you have control over your thoughts--just not your dreams. Freddy Krueger already has that market cornered. Sweet Dreams, Raffi!

drips of paint - Definitely what you said. But I think people often find think they don't control their thoughts. Life is really mind over matter. That's what the watered down book "The Secret" talks about. If you do a few searches on OBE and Astral Projection, you'll find a lot more resources on this very topic.

Steve - Right, exactly! It took me a while to believe that to be true. But now I'm crafting my thoughts to be positive and welcoming. And as a result little things are changing for the better. I am seeing a change. I'm sure as soon as I can focus my thoughts for longer periods of time, I'll be flooded with "luck" and good fortune, thereby finally constructing that world I want. I believe we can all train ourselves to do this. It's very tangible and very possible.

MymaniacalMind - Your mother and mother are probably kindred spirits, always devolving into the negative, I assume. Well, keep doing what you're doing and maybe one day they'll both snap out of it. Thanks for the kind comment, MMM.

BipolarLawyerCook - It's gotta be tough in the contentious environment of a law practice. Not because you can control the words/thoughts, but because it's so easy to slip back into the negative with other who are more negative. Energy tends to rub off. Well, we're all working at it now. That's why we're all here.

BellaVida - Glad you liked the song. It takes me away to another place when I hear it--it engulfs me.

Sarcasm can be funny and light-hearted, yes. But the sarcasm I find people use, at least where I am, isn't in that spirit. Believe me I'm all for more comedy and goofiness in the world.

It seems that the goofiness involves a loss of a veneer and that goofy person's guard needs to come down.

With out-and-out spiteful sarcasm, the guard is firmly planted anda staying up where it is, just so that there person safely behind the wall can make pointed remarks and therefore never suffer. That to me is unfair. And that's where I draw the line with sarcasm.