Friday, October 26, 2007

Interview with Blogger Buddy: "Zuba" of Moomins M.C.: Part 3

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Quest: What did you do to occupy your time? You must've been bored while in recovery. And I'm sure you had a lot of time to think. What floated through your mind? Any novel ideas?

Zuba: Hmm, blogging definitely took up some time, especially when I only had one hand to do it with. For a week or so I had two hands and then soon after I was back to one again.

My mates passed the hat around to buy me a DVD player and they raised more than they expected. I matched that amount and bought myself a laptop which has been instrumental in my hospital stay. Many a thing kept me occupied really: friends and family sending CDs, audio books, the camera. I had the internet. And then trying to play guitar with my right hand in traction, physio, surgery, trips to the pub, etc.

What floated through my mind? Mostly morphine. I tried not to think too much, keep my goals simple, keep focused on getting better.

As for novel ideas, I did contemplate turning the blog into a book when this is all over by expanding on the posts with more information than already written. I've tried to keep the blog pretty honest as there isn't much point in writing it if it's full of lies. It was also a good way for my friends and family to keep track of my progress so it had to be truthful, even if I may have left some little details out here and there. They might go in the book.

Quest: What's this about pill-stashing and getting caught by the nurse?

Zuba: Hah!! Busted. I used to stash morphine pills aside in a bag of jelly beans for my mates sometimes. One day I got caught and had to make up a likely story that the screws would swallow. It worked and I stashed some more away. Not to say my mates are junkies but they did enjoy their little jelly bean trips.

Quest: You have chickens in your backyard? What is your obsession with them? Vampiric chickens?

Zuba: We run 2 head of chicken on our property and they are seriously evil. They attack other birds, have killed a sparrow, and tried to eat my toes through a leather work boot only a few weeks ago. They are not to be trusted, never ever turn your back on them!!!!!

Quest: In one post you mention that you have "atrocious humo(u)r". Explain.

Zuba: Sometimes it doesn't quite hit the mark, in fact it's beyond dry. More like dehydrated humour. Gotta take risks sometimes as a comedienne like yourself would understand.

Quest: What's with you and tract suit wearers and neck ties conformists? You have a thing against authority figures? That must be in the genetic code for motorcycle enthusiasts...

Zuba: Yeah, you're right. Track suits are for people engaging in sporting activities, convalescing or junkies, other wise there is no moral reason for wearing them in public. Ties? Yeah they suck. An outdated social hang over. I don't so much have a thing against authority figures, just sheep who blindly follow whatever crap is fed to them through the media. Not that I hate sheep or anything, just people too scared to have an opinion or to have it challenged.

Quest: I assume you learned a lot about the human anatomy while in the hospital and with your many surgeries. How many surgeries in total?

Zuba: I think I've had 12 so far with at least 3 more to go. I did learn a bit about the human body, fascinating stuff really. It's amazing how much shit it can go through and still operate. And vice versa too.

Quest: I'm a fan of scooters over motorcycles. Will you hold that against me?

Zuba: Nah, scooters are cool. Everyone knows that! There are plenty of pics of them on my blog, and for some reason I like photographing them.

Quest: There was some recent comedy/ prank news that occurred down under. The Chaser boys? Can you explain them to we Americans who have no idea who they are?

Zuba: The Chaser team specialise in political satire, a bit like The Onion. The recent prank you may be referring to was during the APEC summit in Sydney when they managed to drive a fake Canadian motorcade into the summit and were finally stopped when one of them stepped out of the limo dressed as Osama right out the front of the hotel where Baby Bush was staying. They made it through to the 3rd security post with a police motorbike escort in tow. It really outlined just how well the millions of dollars in security spending had worked. I believe the fake special service guys running next to the limos had tags with 'Insecurity Pass' written on them.

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Cat said...

I heart interviews!

MymaniacalMind said...

I love the progression of the interview and the insight.

ZUBA said...

Hey Lucy :)
Thanks heaps for the interview mate.
I must admit it was a lot of fun doing it.
Also made me solidify some opinions and feelings about myself.
Cheers mate.