Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Most Important Thing I learned from a Flamingo

Flamingos are graceful often over-looked creatures in nature. After all, we're only reminded of them when we see kitschy lawn decor or the intro to Miami Vice.

But this weekend I had a different response at the sight of a flamingo: I laughed. And it was then that I dwarfed in age. I found myself splayed on the cold kitchen floor, after a unsophisticated tumble out of the kitchen chair. It was at that moment I had flown back in time. I regressed into childhood--a time when we laughed so hard it didn't matter who was watching. The laughs came from the gut. And the slight pain that resurfaced each time we moved our small fragile waists, we were reminded of what put the pain there in the first place--the silly flamingo.

So the all-important lesson I learned from the Flamingo was to laugh again--the wholehearted, unabashed laugh. I hope you find the same joy I did. Enjoy your holiday! (Erm--I mean, post-holiday.) And leave a comment. I want to know I wasn't the only person who ended up in stitches on the floor.

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WDKY said...

I would have been laughing had I not felt so sorry for that forlorn one all on it's own at the end :-(


Sidhusaaheb said...

It's the little joys that life brings our way every day, that make it worthwhile.


Biddie said...

That was great! I am so glad that we don't pick our mates by dancing. I suck SO bad, I would end up with a loser like Carrot Top or something.

Les Becker said...

The only thing keeping me off the floor is that I'm in "The Gramma Chair" - a big plush arm chair shoved up against the desk. I have to climb in and out of it like a monkey.

Flamingos sound just like turkeys... apt, considering I just celebrated Canuckia's Thanksgiving Day - made me laugh that much harder.

RAFFI said...

how funnay!!! that's exactly how i choose my mates too.

Rol Hirst said...

Thank you - I needed a good chuckle today.

Lucy said...

wdky - awww... don't fret about that him. He's a crafty lothario, that one! That's actually his technique to get all the ladies-- the "nice guys finish last" technique

Sidhusaaheb - exactly. but I'm not sure the joy of sustaining an injury due to overzealous laughing is much to anyone's liking.

biddie - Why I'm a prime believer in choosing my mates by dancing skills. And women, we have the upper hand because we do the choosing!

les - Good observation. They do sound just like turkeys. I was searching for the sound they resembled. Your Turkey Day celebrations seemed to have come in handy.

raffi - Are you as discerning as these flamingos are? Because from the look on their faces, they only take top shelf!

rol hirst - I'm glad I could provide you with a much needed laugh! After all, laughter is therapy!

aaza said...

Thiat is toooooooo Funny!!!!! at work but i could not resist laughing...and whats up with the music???? as if thats what they roll with!!!! Tight posse.

B said...

It's like a little pink cloud going over the water. Loved it!!

Lucy said...

aaza - glad you enjoyed it! Clearly, we have the same sense of Flamingo humo(u)r

b - Have you heard that song by The Orb - Little fluffy clouds? Your comment reminded me of it for some reason.