Saturday, November 3, 2007

Greg Proops is NOT GAY, ferchrissakes!

This post is for every homophobic, insecure pr*ck that keeps Googling "Is GREG PROOPS gay?" and ending up on my blog...

Here is your answer: NO !

Do you feel better now?

Is that going to help you sleep at night?

Did you lose the bet? I hope so.

Proops willingly reveals his orientation 1:08 mins into the below video, being the fine gent that he is. (Personally, I think it's cool of him to even make the statement. He shouldn't have to--he doesn't need to explain himself.)

And if you don't believe him, then I invite you to go screw yourself, because you need help. It's time for you to see a therapist.

Oh, and by the way? Who gives a sh*t if he is gay? We should only care if he's funny. Only THEN can you place judgment and have an opinion. But even then, it doesn't matter because he's still making more money than you!

*+*+*+* If you're still an insecure pr*ck after reading this post, then there's probably no reason for you to sign up for EMAIL or RSS.

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Mr. Fabulous said...

Can I be gay? I've been thinking about switching teams...

Amey said...

Well, "orientation" might be of interest to somebody who likes gossip (and other "interested" people, of course).

For others, it's just another label.

Les Becker said...

Okay, see I coulda SWORN Greg Proops was gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, as they say... (who are "they", anyway?)

Apparently, *my* 'gay-dar' has slipped some notches.

Steve said...

A channel here in the UK is replaying early Whose Line Is It Anyway - Greg Proops is amazing. Sharp, witty, oddly demure, sarcastic but controlled and above all else, amazingly funny. Sexuality is not a factor. Ever. The man is a comedy genius. End of.

Lucy said...

Mr. Fabulous - Yes, I'm sure there's plenty of room on the gay dance card. And you are already "fabulous" so many gay men will find that enlivening!

Amey - As I later thought about it, other "interested" people might have an want to know his orientation because perhaps they want to know for romantic interests. So in that case, sorry boys, Proops is off the market and has been for 16+ years. (I think he married his high school sweetheart?) But I do know he's married.

Les Becker - Ha! Did you watch the clip? Proops' own gaydar is quite sharp! Perhaps he can lend you some pointers.

Steve - Thanks, Steve! It's so rare to hear a supportive comment from heterosexual males. Unfortunately, by posting my rant, my subscription feedcount dropped from 73 to 55. So almost 20 people were either distraught by the negativity of the post, or were homophobes themselves. Either way, they were never on board with "The Quest" in the first place. I'm all about defending this stance and expressing opinions that are all too often swept under the rug. I think far too many people take stock in orientation and race and gender. If people shut their eyes and ears to differing p.o.v. (by unsubscribing to a blog they once loved reading), then they will never change or grow, or learn. It's sad really. But thank you for adding your words. It makes me feel like I'm less craZy for defending my the underdog and the less popular viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and I have often wondered if Greg was in fact gay. At times, he appeared use a lot of feminine swaying of his wrist during his skits, but that still does not make a man gay. If a man grew up around a lot of women or are around a lot of women in the course of a day, then it is somewhat easy to adopt some feminine ways...but that still does not make that man gay.

Greg is very talented and I like the guy. Overall, I do not think he is gay and even if he was, I would still watch "WLIIA".


Pablothehat said...

He's not gay he just acts that way to get chicks! (Nod to South Park...)

Lucy said...

My Name Is Marcus Langford - It's nice to hear from straight men who are comfortable in their own hetero sexuality to be able to say you support your gay comics, despite them not being gay. (Did I just confuse everyone?) Yeah, I'll shut up now.

Pablothehat - (loud guffaw) I just wish I knew which episode you were talking about. But in all honesty, I do know men that act gay to get chicks. I'm still wondering if it works.