Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Comedic Adventure: BlogWorld Expo 2007, Part 2

So I finally made it to Vegas.

If you're reading the blog to hear about shotgun weddings I may have taken part in or for a detailed account of Elvis impersonator sightings, sorry you might want to keep traveling down your Google results search list.

If you're here from the Las Vegas promotional board, and worried about what I might reveal about Vegas, well too bad: "What happens in Vegas, gets posted on my blog."

Vegas, baby, Vegas! --Swingers

When any traveler finds himself in new surroundings, the traveler always searches for landmarks, signs, and key clues that he has reached his final destination. So upon my arrival to Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport (LAS), how did I know I was in Vegas? Oh, I don't know... perhaps the slot machines on the way to baggage claim? Don't believe me? Take a look:

[Random thought: Vegas' airport baggage claim looks exactly like Phoenix's baggage claim. Sort of surreal.]

I made my way to the restroom, and I had to take a photo of these Automatic liquid/foam soap dispensers - We, Americans, are planning on achieving new heights of indolence.
Nawwhh. I can't be bothered to pump out the soap myself. I need soap dispenser to do it for me.

I could understand if the business owner wants to conserve on soap, and this was a solution. But either way, it screams "way too much thought spent on soap." [Photo: Left -faucet, Right- The dreaded infrared motion activated soap dispenser]

So being the awesome pre-planner I am and thorough packing job that started 1/2 hour before I left my apartment, I forgot my driver's license at home. But I did have my passport. Doesn't matter--still no dice. (<==that wasn't an intentional Vegas reference). Anyway, I made the trip all the way over to the car rental hub. And then made the trip all the way back to the airport, sans rental car, to wait for my host to pick me up. (She was way awesome, hospitable, and tolerant of me. Thank you, again! Although, I think she was happy to have someone to eat all of leftover cereal. Yup, I'm a human vacuum, folks!)

After an hour and a half long ride using Las Vegas public transport, I made it to Las Vegas Convention Center in one piece. Finally, I had arrived to where the groundswell of blogging frenzy convened at The Blog World Expo. It was here that I was going to find an untapped resource. Or just a grabbag of schwag to fill-up much needed storage space.

Check out the gaudy Las Vegas carpeting! After speaking with one of the convention workers, ironically enough an Expat-NY'er, originally from Queens---he mentioned that their normal uniforms match the carpeting and purple is the dominant color of the suit. Knowing that, now take a closer look at the carpeting. Yuck!

I attended some classes/seminars and all was good. I definitely had too many bags with me to be mobile enough to hop from room to room. Overall, I learned a lot (kinda), and met some cool bloggers (definitely!). A good time was had by all!

Celebrity sightings:

  • On Thursday, I was proud to claim that I was in the same city as O.J. (Supposedly, he was in jail awaiting court proceedings. Poor, Orenthal.) One of the bloggers I met from NYC told me he even considered going down to the jailhouse just to see him and perhaps sit in on the court proceedings. Yikes. I don't want to touch that with a 10ft pole.

  • Rosario Dawson, who my brother proclaims is my Doppelgnger, especially after watching Clerks II--right down to the mannerisms. She was spotted at TAO's anniversary party.

  • Rick Fox, too

  • And now for the obligatory Las Vegas photos:

    Las Vegas likes to think that it can duplicate New York... and Paris.

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    Hor ny Ang Moh said...

    Woah! U must have a very good time in LV! Have a nice day!

    Mr. Fabulous said...

    Oh man...if I had stuck around I could have met Rosario Dawson? I've loved her ever since since Sin City...

    Still looking for a mention of my name....LOL

    Elana said...

    I soooo have been meaning to contact you! Yup, Vegas was a good getaway. Sounds like you had more time and ENERGY to explore the city. Wish I could have done that. Congrats for making it on the front page of DIGG! I think that is so awesome. You funny gal, you!