Thursday, June 7, 2007

Holy distraction, Batman!

So according to this post, I've established some order. But we all know how much I hate routine, riiiight? It's mundane and ordinary!

Anyway, I have aptly shucked the 'daily agenda' out the window. I will eventually have to work on retrieving it and ferreting it back in the house. But to use the commonplace phrase as an excuse, "Life is getting in the way."

...What could possibly go wrong?...

I've decided to work for this promoter for a comedy club, which every established comic knows is a dicey situation. (Laughable at best!) You, as a comic, are more likely to get screwed by putting way more time and effort than you're going to receive in return. I guess that's just the chance I'm going to have to take. And I think I know that. But I'm a naïve schoolgirl when it comes to opportunity--ever the optimist. What could possibly go wrong? And nothing has gone wrong, yet...

With regards to my natural ability to shirk my duties owed to myself, I'm putting more time into studying. My weakness: lack of discipline and overindulging in one activity while neglecting the other.

For some reason, the overindulgence is landing in the LSAT prep category rather than the Standup comedy. Weird, huh? Maybe because one is more predictable and I'm able to 'control' the results. And we all know what a POWDERKEG open mics are. Ugh! This motivation thing is frustrating. I need time to sit and FOCUS (I can hear Todd Barry's hallowed advice now). I need to focus on nothing but jokes. I do get inspired and I've had a few bouts of inspiration (what I think are really good ones) over the past few weeks.

Game plan: I need 2 hours of focusing on jokes. And then another 2-4 hours of heading out to open mics-- "at least 2-3 times a week." AHHHHH!! I need premeditated, predictable, measurable results from these open mics. It's there. It's here. It's somewhere.

...It's magical when it does happen...

Okay, I digress.
New topic: Comedy Run
Yesterday I had a good friend report back to me about a comedy class he attended 2 weeks ago. He received some solid, solid advice from this class. And he was kind enough to share it with me. I'll try and post them once I get ahold them. To sum it up in one sentence, it's was basically a bunch of wise comedy adages compiled from older more experienced comedian's mistakes. I was grateful.

And last night was jam-packed with meeting people from all over the scale of acquaintances. From meeting people I never met, to people whom I've know for 7 years time. All in a matter of six hours. It was a sort of a rush, but at the same time very normal for me, perhaps even expected. It's never a dull night with me around. I hold that as a promise to whomever gets the pleasure and joy of meeting me. Spend a night with me, and you'll wonder 'how she does it.' I don't even know. It's magical when it does happen.

You (in a medieval accent with a skeptical undertone): What is this magic that you speak of, Lucy? This chicanery?

Me: Well, hold tight and I'll explain.

Here is what ended up happening last night:

6:30 - Study Session at Starbux with Classmate (whom I've only known for about 3-4weeks)

8:45 - New person, whom I've never met before, meets up. Studying slows to a halt and we all chat about racy topics that one normally does not first talk about upon first meeting (i.e. race, politics, religion, capitalism v. communism - one of us is is card carrying communist party member)

9:15 - I made an appt with the local tarot card reader whom makes this particular Starbucks her home-office.

9:30 - My studybuddy also signs up for an appt with said Tarot card reader

10:20 - Studybuddy splits and we (new guy and myself) stop for a bite to eat (pizza) with which you can only buy by the pie (wise business move)

10:45 - We are at the ITU show, enjoy the last set by Leopold Rufus Allen, and meet up with friend I haven't seen in 7 years at the show. We get reacquainted and I meet the two friends she brought with her.

10:51 - We decide to hit up another show, "School Night" at UCB.

11:35 - New guy decides to leave, wishes us a good night, and splits. Long time friend (along with her long time friends) decide to forge ahead (in painful heels) to the UCB theatre.

11:36 - We get snubbed by a cab. LTF is furious and decides to take her complaint the authorities (which just so happen to be at the next corner--what a great city!)

11:45 - We arrive at the show, which started at 11pm, enjoy some really random Improv. But it was FREE, so who could complain?

12:30am - Show ends, we part ways, with a more reasonable cab driver, and promise to meet up again soon... especially when that meeting involves me being on stage... (ugh, no pressure!)

Pretty neat, huh? Well, I thought so.

~ Lucy

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