Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Todd Barry interview on The Onion A.V. club

I've been decidedly "low-pro" (i.e. "low-profile") over the past few months. However, I'm trying to make a serious effort on a minimum of two different fronts, simultaneously by crafting the latest blog (Standup101.com) and keeping you kids entertained in the meantime.

Anyway, I was recently directed to a fairly decent interview with famed comedian, Mr. Todd Barry (who is currently ego-surfing the internet by Googling his name and reading this article as we speak)...

[Hi, Todd!]

I'm pointing out this article to you, comedy fans, because it gives a solid insider look at the life of a working comedian. More specifically, it shows you (the reader) what the process is like and what to expect in crafting a career in comedy.

Anyway, indulge and read more about standup comedy and Mr. Todd Barry.

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