Monday, March 10, 2008

The Best of Quest

Thanks for hangin' in there, ever-faithful reader/subscriber. Standup101 seems to be a bigger project than I expected. Conquering the unexpected surprises makes it all the better when we do finally launch.

In the meantime, I ask you to read the "Best of Quest." It'll keep you entertained and salivating for more until the official launch.

The Best of Quest

  • My Reaction to the N-Word

  • All Inhibitions out the window: Part 2

  • MetaBigotry in Comedy

  • Comedy & Sex: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  • Hecklers: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  • Black Rooms v. White Rooms

  • Categorizing Comedians

  • Laughing for Laughing's Sake

  • Am I angry enough?

  • Actor V. Comedian

  • Drama Geeks and Hecklers

  • My first recorded set (audio)

  • My second recorded set (audio)

  • My 3rd recorded set (audio) Topic: NYC Nudist

  • *+*+*+* Hang tight! Standup101 is on it's way! Make sure to sign-up to be notified of the OFFICIAL launch via EMAIL.

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    1 comment:

    boneman said...

    OK, I'm not sure where you want us to comment, but, the first two times I went in, I left comments in there.
    Where is there?
    Oh, lordy, I have no idea. Let's just consider the word "scatterbrained" and leave it at that.
    I did go to the "reaction to n-word" and thought I knew where you were going, but, like any good comedian, you changed the ground, pulling mine out from underneath me and, well, that's OK. It is ultimately your choice what you bring to the stage, what you touch other people with.
    Chris Rock (Chris Rock, right? Chris Rock-Head of State, Chris Tucker-Fifth Element) USED the word. USED it hard. Thing is, it rang some truth.
    Seems being truthful actually makes a thing "funnier" because it is recognized.
    You did the bit about comedy twenty years from now being different or not....
    Yeah. The word nigger might not even be around then. Like neaderthal jokes. You never hear anymore good neanderthal jokes. Used to be a lot of them, but then, one day, a herd of elephant jokes walked into the room and suddenly, all the neanderthal jokes left.

    N-word jokes don't always have to be about race, but dang it, there are still so many prejudiced jerks out there that whatever word replaces it will be as bad as that one unless we (ha-ha makers) pull the stinger out of the tail of the problem.
    NOT that anything I say or write will change the way things are, but, how can I? It's up to people to change, not me to tell them how.
    I hear Chris Rock and laugh because I love my fellow man. It's funnier because I AM Chris Rock when he's flying off the handle like that! I LOVE that! Just a howler ride if I ever took one!

    But, and don't laugh because I got off track, I thought that when I clicked on your views of "the N-word" that I was going to get to see YOU.
    However, I can see from around the bend of the comment box that you do, indeed, have some live material for us, and I'm anxious to hear it.
    So, this here country boy's heading off to the links on yonder blog, lil lady.
    I'll send out reports as I get them.....