Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Black History or Blind History? wonder he couldn't see what Spitzer was up to...

My great comedy buddies have opted to keep me informed of some funny clips in the blogosphere. The Daily Show with Jon Liebowitz (uhh, I mean, "Stewart") has a funny video clip of David Paterson, our first legally blind (not Ray Charles blind, but more like Mr. Magoo blind), and legally black governor of New York State.

...Black History!---not Blind History!...

Anyway, this clip is noteworthy. Enjoy!

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NY's New Governor
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1 comment:

boneman said...

anytime a "guest" cracks up the host (I know it's a bit, but, either things got switched up or Stewart wasn't at rehersals...)(Burnett and Kormann)

Thanx fer tossing em our way!