Sunday, July 15, 2007

Women in Comedy: Laura Kightlinger is back! few women comediennes...get to produce their own work...

I've mentioned this exceptional standup comedienne before, in a previous Women in Comedy post. She is a woman who is near and dear to my heart. She has most notably been under-the-radar since the HBO's Lucky Louis series, and before that she pretty much fell off the edge of the earth. This woman is: Laura Kightlinger.
Ms. Kightlinger has a unique style all her own. I, personally, love her deadpan delivery and husky male voice. Obviously, she's not male, but I think it's cool when women have low or raspy voices. I've always wanted a raspy voice, but it only happens either right when I wake up or when I'm sick. I have friends who have the raspy voice from smoking too many cigarettes and I've always somewhat envied them for it. But I've never been daring, rich enough, or stupid enough to pick up the habit.

So Laura is back with an original series presented by IFC called, "The Minor Accomplishments Of Jackie Woodman". Laura created, wrote, executive produced and stars in the series. (KUDOS, LAURA!) According to Wikipedia's synopsis, they describe the show as "an eight-part comedy series about two best friends maneuvering through the not-so-glamorous side of Hollywood." It began airing on IFC August 4th, 2006.*

Now, I have no idea what "live action comedy" is, but from what I gather it seems to be synonymous with "sitcom". And the synopsis on the IFC website says it is. So we have to take its word for for it.

I found some clips from the show here. Enjoy!

I felt this post was relevant because there are so few women comediennes and even fewer women multitasking comediennes who wear many hats and get to produce their own work! Once again, I am proud of her---as a woman, and as a comedienne.

* So maybe I'm a little late on this info, but I'm airing this as if it's brand new, late breaking news. My news team consists of me, myself, and I--- so nyah!


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close to my heart said...

So far one of the very interesting blog i hv come across....u,ve got a regular audience in me from now on...

Tracy Kaply said...

Dude, LOVE The Kightlinger.

Sweetstickychewy said...

Hello Lucy. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Loved ya comment. and interesting to find a female commedian in da house. :D

ROck on!

Lucy said...

Close to my heart - thanks you. that's a huge compliment.

tracy kaply- laura has that voice that just slays me... I want it.. I want it.. I want it!

sweetstickychewy - yeah, there are very few women comedians. I'll try to make myself comfortable "in da house"-- perhaps an ottoman will bring the room together?

Thanks to all of you for checking in.

BellaVida said...

I'm so happy I found this post.

This woman is tremendously talented. She gets it right everytime. I love the show, its my favorite right now. I can't wait for a new episode. I need a funny fix.