Sunday, July 1, 2007

Two day streak...

...I'm in a comfortable for once...

The moon is that weird color where it's sort of resembles a peach, but low in the sky--kind of apocalyptic. Uranus went into retrograde Saturday, June 23rd, 2007, and will last for awhile. (I think until August.) What am I trying to say? Things are getting weird, but in a good way.

I met a comedian who is pushing me to get on stage, which actually motivated me. And so far I'm on a two day streak. Whoa! I know! (sarcasm). But I'm getting into a groove. Not just with comedy, but also this LSAT thing. The weird part is that things are working out--well! And I'm not fearing that things will fall apart either.

[You know how things are going well in your life and the minute you begin to get used to things swinging in your direction for once, you fear them falling apart. I'm emphasizing that I don't have that fear and I'm in a comfortable for once.]

Anyway, I feel good. That's all! Good, real good!


I've been sending out these emails for comedians, creating a database/contact list. In a way, I'm sort of a list-serve manager. Well, I used to hate when I somehow mysteriously got on a listserve in college, without any prior notice or permission from me.

Well, I performed that very act to these comedians. So I was worried someone would be pissed and approach me at one of the next comedy shows. The thing is, I did get approached. But, I received good feedback.

Next thing: I randomly went to this open mic and got on, not scoping out the scene ahead of time, which is typically my protocol. And it was successful. (Perhaps, I have a knack for this comedy thing after all.) I mean, I didn't kill, but I ended with an enthusiastic applause. (Perhaps, they wanted to see my get off-stage.)

Anyway, the point being, "it was fun." I enjoyed it.

Last relatively good thing:
I'm scoring waaayyy low on my LSATs, but I'm not worried having a talk with my instructor. I have to put the work in. And I'm confident it'll work out. My scoring accuracy is high, but I need to ramp up the speed. But again there's a protocol with this as well. But it's time I do my part to do well on this test.

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