Friday, August 10, 2007

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So you keep checking back. You keep having to re-write and re-paste that pesky URL into the address bar. You're curious, but you're just not willing to commit. Let me be your voice of reason. Let me be that calming voice in your head. Let me put your worries to rest.

In the great words of Susan Powter, "STOP THE INSANITY!"

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The sooner you get signed up and spread the word, the sooner I can come to your town and perform for you and your peeps. (You know you want it!)

Thank you everyone who has left a comment on my page and/or signed up for the email newsletter. Your support is greatly appreciated! I am ever grateful!

Stay tuned for:

  • 7 Ways in which Comedy is like Sex

  • An Interview with ever-popular blogger, East Village Idiot

  • A Comedy Glossary Definition page (for those of you who juuuhhst don't quite "get it", yet.)

  • ... and of course

  • More of the crazy nonsense that goes on in this silly head of mine


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    Moose-Tipping said...

    Pish-tosh-- I just have you bookmarked under "blogs" in my Firefox browser. I click "Open in tabs", and all my favorite blogs open up simultaneously for my reading pleasure.

    Rest assured, I'm still reading!

    Chase said...

    This blog is funny! I will definitely recommend this blog on my blog!

    azuka said...

    7 ways in which comedy is like sex? I'd sure love to read that...

    Thanks for the visit.

    BottleBlonde said...

    Well since you put it that way, I guess I have no choice but to sign up for your newsletter.

    And ditto on azuka's comment.

    Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

    THIS SOUNDS INTERESTING... i'll come back here and see what you're up to... black female comedienne... big ups... GIRL POWER!

    The Lone Beader said...

    Yea. Can't wait to read your upcoming post, as well!

    Also, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Please stop by anytime. Cheers from Boston:)

    boneman said...

    Oddly enough, I wander over to Crashtest Comic's blog alot...
    probably too much....
    Anyway, there was your comment over there just sittin' quietly waiting fer someone to read it, and I did.

    So, what am I doin' comin' over here, you ask. I mean, what? Don't they have comediennes in Indiana fer me to bother?

    Probably, but, dang! I don't know them anymore than I know you, nor do I really know Crash.
    (does anyone really know anyone?)
    (well, maybe. I read all the time in the bible where folks "know" each other...)
    (was it too soon?)

    Anyway, that darned ol' Crash is on, I dunno, vacation or something.
    It was a sad post, and fer sure, that made two in a row.

    Death gets everybody in a different way, I guess.
    Me? Yeah, last year I got in with the group that was doing memorials for the folks who died in 911 and dang! THAT really got me.
    I put together a bit with an old Calvin and Hobbs strip, redid each square to fit on m'blog, even took artistic liscense with the backing, and ran it. It was only supposed to be the one day, but, I eneded up running the thing for the whole rest of the month and then some.
    I think I'm going to put it out as a video with youtube, but, t'tell ya the truth, I've been trying to get hold of Sam Watterson because it's HIS strip, and I wouldn't do it that way without his permission.

    OK, right now yer finding out about something I've been trying to work on...
    Diarhea of the words!

    I'm just learning comedy and love to make people laugh no matter where I am....
    That's probably why I thought I could write you.
    (so, wouldn't THAT have been a shorter way to say it in the first place?)

    oh yeah.

    boneman said...

    uh...I have put m'e-mail address in the proper places (you must be 18 to know where these "places" are...) but, my e-mail is on the bust right now.
    I also did the digg thing, but they, also, have a gig with our busted e-mail.

    Dang! It's so fun dealing with these here computer machines!
    I just can't get enough of it!

    RAFFI said...

    wow lucy, you're coming along. but i live in your pesky, dingy city too and want an update (personal is fine) of when you'll be performing.... black, white, purple comedy arenas all apply.

    Madeleine said...

    hey lucy,

    you're on fire, woman. a cliche, i know, but really, you've got it going on. see, once you've started with, you might as well keep going and going. anyway, good work - and i ditto your sentiment regarding disclaimers when using race in comedy. so often, silverman and the like, bristles my back with 'just don't' - it's not funny. smartie skirt that you are, you get that.

    Sidhusaaheb said...

    ...or, simply make use of a 'feed aggregator', like Google Reader, for instance...