Friday, August 3, 2007

Get to studying and do your comedy homework!

I have been inspired, folks. I have been inspired by some slammin' comedy I saw last night at Brooklyn Comedy Company! [MySpace | Blog ]

Slammin' I tell, ya!

I even got a chance to speak with my new favorite comedian, Baron Vaughn. [His blog] (If you don't know, you better ask somebody!) The man is as sharp as a tack people! He's Chris Rock on steroids!

Anyway, Baron was kind enough to give me homework for the weekend. He gave me a list of up-and-coming black comedians to pay attention to. These comedians are changing the face of black comedy! I'm proud to place their links here on my blog. Feast on these for the weekend! Tootle-loo!

(In alphabetical order):

- Hannibal Buress [ MySpace | MySpace Video | YouTube Video ]

- Deon Cole [ MySpace | YouTube Video 1 | YouTube Video 2 ]

- Dean Edwards (aka Darth Imperius)
[ Official Site| MySpace | Wikipedia |
YouTube | Carson Daly Clip ]

- Roy Wood Junior [ MySpace ]

- Dwayne Kennedy [Comedy Central | MySpace

- Darryl Lenox [ MySpace ]

- Vince Morris [Official Site |MySpace | MySpace TV ]

- Dwayne Perkins [ MySpace | Video (animated) | Video (standup) ]

- Jasper Redd [ Official Site | MySpace | Wikipedia | MySpace Video ]

- Sherrod Small [ Comedy Cellar | YouTube | Int'l Movie Database | Wikipedia ]

- Baratunde Thurston [MySpace | MySpace TV | MySpaceTV 2 ]


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Jenny! said...

Anything on steroids is just damn funny! Thanks for the I have homework too!

Sonali said...

Awesome! Sounds like comedy is *the* golden spot for you! COME TO SEATTLE!!

We need good comedy in this grey weather (opps, my canadian spelling seaped through!)


Just Expressing Myself said...

Thanks for stopping in.
I was just checking out Baron Vaughn's blog. That's such a fabulous name. I'm off to check out other linkage at your blog.
Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment :)

natural muze said...

okay, i LOVE your blog. i'm so glad you stopped by my spot! is it okay if i link you? and...yeah about those blog awards...go on over and nominate then tell everyone to nominate you! lol.

hope all is well.

Pope Terry said...

hey thanks for stopping by, yeah got bored the whole photo thing isnt the usual point of my blog but it was something different. Comedienne hey, sounds interesting. Havent heard any of those comedians, but I will check em out.

SassyAssy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & the compliment! Great blog! I will be back.

honkeie2 said...

When looking for comedy I often just go hang out at the mall after not washing for about a week. Then walk to the food court and ask people while thy are eating if they have a napkin I can use because the bathroom is out of TP and I have an ugly butt rocket that looking to make a splash.
Or i just watch CNN News, nothing funnier than reality TV!

boneman said...

Actually, I would love to see Bill Cosby's new stuff.
I'm hearing he has two and a half hours of absolutely new material and that it has EVERYONE rolling on the floor laughing.

(I reckon y'all can almost tell how old I am because I didn't write ROFL....
and'de be right.)