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Women in Comedy: Beth Littleford

I can't begin to explain how important this woman's stint on Comedy Central completely shifted my concept of what "funny" was and what was acceptable in comedy. The fact that she was a woman who made it okay to make fun of herself, made me want to race down to the Comedy Central studios and sign-up. She showed me that women can pretty and foolish---beautiful goofballs. I wanted to be her. Kool, Klassy, Kooky (by the way, the fact that acronym has 3 Ks has no significance, ok, smartass?) I don't think Beth Littleford ever did time as a stand-up comic. But it doesn't matter she's already too awesome in my eyes. So let's begin my blog tribute to, Beth Littleford.

Okay, so according to her bio on the Beth Littleford official website, her timeline goes a little something like this:

- Originally from suburban Orlando, Florida, Littleford migrated to New York City and founded a sketch group named after her daschund, "Ms. Dee" (<==== ha, it was meant to be!)

- and then she toured with a New York Improv company

- before ultimately putting on a one-woman show called "This Is Where I Get Off."
(Duh! Of course, she's going to produce a one-woman show. Nobody can stop "The Littleford!" No one can handle her amazing talents! As former ESPN correspondent Dan Patrick would say, "She's en fuego!" I couldn't agree more, Patrick. I couldn't agree more.)

- her one-woman show was picked up by Circle Rep, where "she enjoyed an extended Off-Broadway run, and then she was scouted by Comedy Central and tapped to be a correspondent in their news parody, "The Daily Show."

Littleford spent 4 smashing, gut-bustingly funny years on the Daily Show (also known in some books as "The Era of the Littleford") and then moved out to LA to join the cast of Spin City. Since then it's been pilots, development deals, advertising deals, guest-starring roles on several network sitcoms (Fox's Method & Red, she had a starring role) and movies. In fact speaking of movies, she's going to be starring in Judd Apatow's Drillbit Taylor (video link) with a more sober, Owen Wilson, due out March 2008.

Littleford set the standard in sarcastic interviews on the Daily Show, back when it was tongue in cheek and less preachy. She played it straight, asking seemingly uncomfortable questions to B-list celebrities and craZy random personalities. (Where did they find those people?)

Some of her best and craziest interviews:

- Todd Bridges (of Different Strokes)
- Gary Coleman (of Different Strokes)
- David Duke (of Differ--wha-what? Is there a 3K theme here today?)
- Jocelyn Elders, United States Surgeon General
- Fabio (If you can find this interview, he answers her question about whether he's a natural blonde, but pulling out his junk. Hilarious!)
- Anthony Michael Hall circa Pirates of Silicon Valley, pre-USA stardom on The Dead Zone
- the one where the guy that wears weird outfits and climbs telephone poles (I think he might've been a cross-dresser, but my memory escapes me)
- the one where she visits an Iowa boar semen farm and helps harvest semen---manually.

If you really want to experience the essence of "The Littleford" you MUST head to her site and watch her showreel (video link). It's jam-packed with eewwy-gooey Littleford goodness!!! (Mmmm... feels like home.) You're sure to laugh until you cry!

Links and links of Littleford:

  • "Top 4" Blog lists Beth Littleford as #3 in Top 4 correspondents (I beg to differ but Different Stro--uh, well, you know.)

  • Article on Beth Littleford in a Kansas City blog--TV Barn (March 18, 1998)

  • Beth Littleford interview for Canadian online zine, Canoe--Jam!
    (Sept 13, 1999)

  • AND NOW for some embedded videos...!

    [UGH! I hate It totally ruins the comedic timing of these posts. It places the embedded video where it wants. I can't wait until we switch to Wordpress.]

    So in the YOUTUBE video, Beth Littleford interviews a man with the sense of humor of a cucumber soaked in vinegar (a.k.a. "a pickle"), former teen heartthrob, David Cassidy. I encourage you to watch the YouTube one first:

    And I've saved the best for last... Beth Littleford interviews 80s pop icon, Boy George, on the Daily Show
    (March 18, 1999) <=== whoa that's almost an entire decade, folks!

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    BipolarLawyerCook said...

    Oh, I love me some Littleford. Those floral displays and vaseline smeared lenses during her segments on the Daily Show? Genius. Love her.