Monday, September 17, 2007

Comedy and Humo(u)r in 2020 (Part 2 of 2)

So now that you've had a full weekend to digest Part 1 of this series, perhaps we can try and make sense of what we read.

Personally, I found the book so far very difficult to read. And I've noticed from some comments, some of you have found that to be true as well. I've found with this blog, I make concerted efforts to make my point very clear. I remember sophomore year English writing class, "Clarity is key!"

This book doesn't focus on clarity but more on ideas--the abstract. This makes for a difficult read. I also wonder if it's because I'm not psychic nor do I have Nostradamus-like visions of the future. The words may be written via stream of consciousness, which makes it hard to follow.

But I do believe, if I am to be a great performer, a great entertainer, a great comedian, and it takes 10 years to prepare (2007-2017), by the time it hits 2020, I should be well-adapted by that time.

Maybe in order to better prepare I should be paying attention to what is NOT funny in 2020:

Today people laugh at others' ideas, labeling them ridiculous. Not so, in 2020. All have a right to be, even ideas. Laughing at something is a way of distancing.

Well, by 2020 people relate totally differently to both ideas and people, relating to ideas just like people. They don't judge ideas, for example, allowing them to flow, honoring them for what they are. Because of this, although it might appear they are giggling at something at times, they are not.

When people laugh in 2020, it is because they are actually identifying with something much deeper. Their laughs are fueling more advanced ideas... for within laughter is insight, a potent evolutionary force, which people can feel. After laughing, it is not the least bit unusual for a person to comment on his addition to being a great healing tool in 2020, laughter is also a great learning tool.

I like what she says about laughter being a great learning tool. And if you have been paying attention to the smallest bit in this blog, then you would know that I intend to use my comedy as a learning tool.

So what it humo(u)r defined as 2020, then?

...looking at humor from the perspective of people in 2020, I would "define" it as such: Humor is everywhere; it is not just what makes people laugh. It is the laugh, too. It is the person who espouses the humor, it is the listener. It is the mother who influenced the child in what he knows and feels, the joke teller, so to speak. It is the resultant behavior because of the humor. It is everything humor touches; it is everything it doesn't touch. It is not just the joke. It includes all time frames, before, during, and after the immediacy of the humor. Humor is the combined laughs of many; it is the fuel for the jokes or the truths that make up the jokes. It is life itself because life makes up the humor.

As if this comedy thing wasn't confusing enough?

Any thoughts? Discuss amongst yourselves...

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RAFFI said...

as long as the jokes in 2020 include rosie o'donnell and gary coleman, i think we'll all still be laughing.

Josh Homer said...

I'm not a fan of this book. Comedy, in particular stand up, has not truly changed in my opinion. the topics and delivery styles have changed with society, but the truth in comedy has remained the same.

What made Pryor great, is still the same thing that makes Chappelle great. The reasons Mooney sold out shows in the 70s is the same reason he sells them out today. If comedy has not changed that much in the last 30 years, what's the strong argument this woman provides to say comedy will change so drastically in the next 13?

WDKY said...

If I'm still around in 2020 I'll probably find everything funny. I'll be eating through a straw and sh*tting myself, mind you, so I doubt anyone else will be laughing.

boneman said...

raffi brings it up, and so also does Josh....
more to the point, the humor will change, but, instead of bill clinton telling monica to just paint this floor and below him it will be tack herden calling his mom in california to find out how to deal with the republicans. (you'll have to wait until 2020 to get THAT joke)

No, the other point is well stated, though. It's not so much that names will change, but rather, how we accept statements from people on stage. Perhaps nobody will even want to watch people on stage be funny.
If not, then, somewhere else, not far from where folks are hurting, there will be somebody trying to bring humor into the fold so that others will feel better about themselves and...not to forget your own mission (?) help teach people things they should ought'a know.
Like how to use a can opener.
Really! Have you been checking these things out, lately? Darned things! Y'gotta fuss with the can fer minutes
(VALUABLE,COULD-BE-EATING MINUTES!)just to get it in the right place, push the start button in a manner described on the instructions and, some five minutes later, you have an open can!

NYCPonderings Chick said...

the author of the book sounds like a nut job, comedy 20 years ago still makes people laugh today so i highly doubt it will change 20 years from today

Anonymous said...

I think this book thinks too much.

Arthur said...

Many years ago I used to laugh of whatever, now I hardly laugh with a very funny comedy. So, do your best 'cause I'm not sure in 20 years I'll be alive.

Big greetings, big hugs and big kisses

Sweet Dreams, rom the bottom of my Heart:

Gusthav said...

Hi Lucy, I'm sure you'll make us all laugh (or at least smile).

but for now you can go to my blog (my corner) to read some of my post and laugh like mad with what I do. I promise you'll have fun.

Greetings, hugs and kisses

Nice Day, with my whole soul:

David said...

Hey Lucy, looks like you have a Great looking blog. I'll be sure and come back when I have more time to explore. Monday Night Football is getting ready to kick off. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Steve said...

I agree with NYCPonderings Chick - the author sounds like they're a bit up themselves. 2020 is only a blip away - a mere blink - and as someone else has pointed out, comedy from years and years ago still makes people laugh. If something is funny it's funny. Evolution only happens when something needs improving... therefore unless comedy stops being funny it isn't going to change that much!

magdalene-sophie said...

eugh, a hard-to-read comedy book thingy??

haha, i love easy-reads :D shows ow lazy i am! ;)

Px said...

books can't tell you how to be funny, you just are...
and add into that the fact that what makes one person laugh will fail miserably with another.
the best way i've found to make people laugh is to just be myself, if i find something funny, then i put it out there at the right time and see if the people i'm with find it funny.
but then i'm only a barman, and not working to be a stand-up, although that doesn't mean that i don't work to entertain people...

Manictastic said...

Very interesting stuff you got there, but I don't think that you can predict how future audiences will react. Who could have predicted that mystery and conspiracy theories would dominate mainstream TV in the years 0 (I call this decade years 0), no one, yet it happened. Predictions are always to be taken lightly.

PS I wanna see you perform. Make a Youtube video.

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock thinks people will laugh at persons speaking in third person. Evil Spock also believes that everything going on right now will be serialized in a I love the 00's on VH1, and we will laugh at Gitmo and the nuclear holocaust in South America.

Nothing like irradiated monkeys running Bolivia!

Cidersweet said...

"When people laugh in 2020, it is because they are actually identifying with something much deeper."

Amen to that. (I gess that's where you're heading too, Lucy).

drips of paint said...

//within laughter is insight, a potent evolutionary force, which people can feel. After laughing, it is not the least bit unusual for a person to comment on his insights//

that is an interesting thought, funny or not .....let me write it down, can't wait for 2020