Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Balls to the wall!

When I used to row crew in high school, we had this term called, "Fly and Die!"

It referred to an all-out sprint in the 1500-2000 meter race. (For you Americans, 1500 meters is 0.93 miles and 2000 meters is 1.24 miles.) It doesn't seem like much, but how many Olympians do you know can run a mile at a full sprint?

But we need to compare apples to apples. The sprint was in a boat (shell) that weighed (52kg / 114lbs ) with 3 - 8 other rower(s)/coxen(s), all varying in weight. My point is that in crew, it's combined effort.

I'm getting off base here.

You FLY (give it all you got) and it makes dying worthwhile. You put all your effort into it, and by the end you can't move. You’ve exhausted all your energy. You’ve given it your all!

I'm applying this methodology to Stand-Up comedy.

For years, I've thought about it. I've written quips, jokes, puns and never put them to the test.

In my trek to learn the NYC comedy scene, I had a fascinating conversation with a club owner (former comedian). He provided me with all the tools I needed to make this happen.

So what constitutes "make it happen"?

I dunno really. I want to be a successful comic, but I don't know what SPECIFICALLY I'm looking for. Perhaps a small bit on Comedy Central's, Premium Blend. (I've always loved that show.) I don't want my own TV sitcom, but I do definitely want the capability to produce a film. So maybe that's what I'm looking for--to make a narrative film via the platform of becoming a successful comedienne.

And I'm going to document it all right here. I might put jokes up, every so often, but it might not work in written format.

I'll try to post videos/performances. I'm not sure how internet savvy I need to be to be able to do that. But otherwise, this will be a deep look into the career of an aspiring comic. Not original, but mainly this is to keep me inspired and motivated. I'm even putting some checks and balances to make sure I don't get off track or just plain stop! Yikes!

Here it goes!

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Blah Blah Blah said...

I'm gonna enjoy reading you...I think.

I was sorta hesitant to comment...fear of seeing some of my crazy stories up on stage one day... but then I thought...Man, am I vain. lol

Happy blogging Lucy the Comic

kyknoord said...

Stand up and be counted, huh? I'm sure you'll fly.
P.S. I swear I'm not a 'bot.